Thursday, October 23, 2014

Notre Dame Freshman WR Justin Brent is Now Officially Living--and Loving--the Life [PHOTO]

When you are a star football player in high school you are bound to get a little special treatment. During your senior year freshman might idolize you, girls want to hang out with the star, and everyone wants him at their party. When it comes to moving to the college ranks, however, you may get some special treatment just for being on the team you typically don't see much (legally, that is) until you start producing.

Well--it looks like Notre Dame freshman wide receiver Justin Brent has managed to skip the whole 'playing time' thing and is already living--and likely loving--the life.

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Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan Pranks Bills WR Sammy Watkins During Conference Call With the Press

After a slow start to the season Buffalo Bills rookie wide receiver Sammy Watkins is becoming the game-changing play-maker the Bills hoped he would be. He is definitely the kind of player that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan is not looking forward to playing come game time on Sunday. As the head coach of the opposition there is only one thing he can really do--game plan to stop him.

However, Ryan thought he would try a more direct approach first. He'd simply ask Watkins not to play.

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Texas Longhorns Offensive Coordinator Joe Wickline Suing Oklahoma State to Prove He's Calling the Plays for Texas

If you have been thinking that it has been way too long since the last time you heard about a completely ridiculous and somewhat crazy lawsuit involving college football look no further than the one Texas offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Joe Wickline has brought on his former employer, Oklahoma State.

Wickline is suing the Cowboys in order to prove that he is indeed calling the plays for the Longhorns.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Kansas City Royals OF Nori Aoki Gave Neighborhood Kid World Series Tickets for his 10th Birthday [PHOTO]

So far the World Series highlight for Kansas City Royals outfielder Nori Aoki has been this horrid attempt to catch a ball on the bounce in Game One. While the criticism is understandable (horrible play man) he deserves to be applauded just as much for something he did prior to the game.

He made a neighborhood kid the happiest 10-year old in Kansas City.


Faulty Reporting Had People Believing the Texas Longhorns Were Going to Pay Players

Early in the day Wednesday high school recruits from all over the country clamored to get a copy of their best highlight tape in the mail to the Texas Longhorns. While Charlie Strong's team is showing promise that has nothing to do with it. No, they want to play for a school that is going to hand them $5K for the use of their likeness for marketing and merchandise purposes.

If only it was true...


Houston Texans Getting a Gift From the Tennessee Titans in Zach Mettenberger

The Texans need something to help right the ship. After getting out to a 3-1 record Houston has lost the last three to fall to 3-4--exactly where people expected them to be. So now the question becomes whether they are going to fall and become the bottom dweller people expected or right the ship and get back on track.

Thanks to the Tennessee Titans decision to start rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger this week it could very well be the latter.


WATCH: San Francisco Giants Pitcher Tim Lincecum Had a Little Trouble Eating in the Dugout

Oh that Timmy Lincecum. He's not the lights out stud pitcher that he once was, but he can still get the job done (two K's in 1 2/3 innings of work in Game Two). No matter who well he is pitching there is one thing that will likely forever remain true.

That boy is one goofy son of a gun.

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What's Cooler Than Cool? Hunter Pence is! [GIF]

I cannot lie to y'all. If I have any reason to believe that a 90+ mph baseball might strike me in the head I am going to lose a lot more than my helmet, my eyes are going to be blinking a million miles a minutes, and my hair is not going to have nearly as much bounce to it.

But not Hunter Pence. The man is cooler than cool.

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