Sunday, August 2, 2015

Lucas Duda Is Not The Only One Blasting Home Runs for the Mets [VIDEO]

It has been awhile since the New York Mets have been considered a legitimate contender in their division, but the time very well may have come. With six wins in their last eight games--including a 5-2 win over the Nationals on Sunday--the Mets are now tied on top of their division with Washington.

Lucas Duda has had a lot to do with that run having hit nine home runs over the last eight games including one in the third that made the score 5-1 (final was 5-2), but he wasn't the only one blasting bombs in the third inning. Curtis Granderson and David Murphy let their bats do some talking as well.

WATCH: Peyton Manning Throws Pases To Two Kids He Pulls Out Of Crowd During Practice

Dads--if you have ever thought about taking your kids to a training camp practice the day young Jet Yang and Eric Vue had at a recent Denver Broncos practice is a perfect reason why you should. The two kids were sitting up in the front row one minute and the next they are being yanked on to the field by Peyton Manning.

Moments later they are taking turns burning Demaryius Thomas and catches passes from one of the best to ever play the game.

WATCH: San Diego Chargers WR Keenan Allen High Fives the Fans After Making Awesome Play During Practice

Keenan Allen is going to be on the radar of every fantasy owner in the country this season. he is poised for a breakout season, and after a few days of practice it is not hard to see him doing just that. The trouble will be figuring out when to go after him. Wait too long and you lose him to someone who is grasping at straws.

Take him too early and everyone laughs at you for drafting a guy that only had three 100-yard games and four touchdowns last season. The fans he high-fives here probably think you can't take him early enough:

Texas Rangers Slugger Josh Hamilton Makes His One Hit Count Big Against San Francisco [VIDEO]

Josh Hamilton is a career .291 hitter, but this season he is only hitting .245 in the 29 games he has played in. He doesn't get on base as well as it once did, and he doesn't have the power that he became know for either. That being said, he sure seems to know when to hit them when they matter most.

He certainly did Sunday against the San Francisco Giants.

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WATCH: Arizona Cardinals WR Michael Floyd Makes DB Damond Smith Look Downright Silly

Michael Floyd led the Arizona Cardinals in receiving yards and touchdowns last season, but the general perception surrounding him is that he needs to rebound from a down year. Rookie John Brown impressed a lot of people last season, and would love to take reps from Floyd going into 2015. So--Floyd better have a good camp and preseason to make sure that doesn't happen.

Making defensive backs look silly like he  does here is a good start:

Looking Like Matt Barkley May Lose More Than Just Reps To Tim Tebow

Chip Kelly shocked the world when he signed Tim Tebow to a contract with the Philadelphia Eagles. Yeah, Tebow may be the most likable guy in the NFL, but his skill set has not proven to be up to snuff. Okay--he had a crazy knack for being able to pull out a win with Denver, but his time with the Jets was terrible as was his short tenure with the Patriots.

Throughout OTAs and the first few days of training camp the word on Tebow has been nothing, but positive. So positive in fact that Matt Barkley could very well lose more than reps to Tebow.

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WATCH: Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Gets Into a Little Scuffle At Practice

If there is one thing we know about Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant it is that he is one fiery, passionate individual. He has had sideline flair ups, blow ups, scuffles in the past, and chances are that he will have them again. Is it a bad thing? That depends. Does he hurt anyone or cause a riff in the locker room?

If not--than no. It isn't a good thing either of course because the last thing the team needs is for their superstar wide receiver to break his hand or even a finger on a teammates helmet or shoulder pads--which he hopefully didn't do Sunday.

WATCH: American Pharaoh Does It Again At The 2015 Haskell Invitational

After winning the Triple Crown there was no need for American Pharaoh to hit the race track again. The horse could live out the rest of his days bedding the best and prettiest horses in the world while living in the lap of equine luxury--but all play and no work?

Well--that would be freaking awesome, but why leave money at the track if you don't have to? With the deal his owners made with the breeding farm he can still race and did so once again Sunday at the 2015 Haskell Invitational held at Monmouth Park in New Jersey. You'll never guess what the outcome was...