Saturday, May 23, 2015

Texas A&M Fans Get Good News About Future QB Kyler Murray

For a short time Texas A&M fans feared they were going to lose prized QB-recruit Kyler Murray to the Longhorns. When he reaffirmed his commitment and eventually made it official fans were able to breathe a sigh of relief, but they still had to worry about the MLB Draft because Murray was as good a baseball player as he was a football player.

Murray has stated that he has no intention of playing baseball and that he will not enter the draft on June 8. Come June 2 fans can officially breathe a sigh of relieve.

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Former Houston Texans RB Steve Slaton Officially Retires From Football

Back in 2008 when the Houston Texans drafted running back Steve Slaton out of West Virginia in the third round they hoped he would become the running back of the future for the team. After his rookie season he appeared primed and ready to do just that with 1,282 yards on the ground and 377 in the passing game to go with 10 touchdowns as a rookie.

However, a bout with fumble-itis led to him dropping out of favor in the running back rotation and eventually led to him being waived during the 2011 season.

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson May Want to Rethink His Twitter Strategy

It is not a secret that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is man of faith. He has never tried to hide it and has even been known to add the hashtag #blessed to many of his tweets. While he does so for a very good reason there may be a very good reason for him to stop.

I'm sure the folks that live in and around the neighborhood of a certain fan would appreciate it.

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Golden State Warriors and Atlanta hawks Sucking Up to Rapper Lil 'B in Hopes of Avoiding the Based God Curse

There is no such thing as a curse, but if you ask any athlete if he has any rituals or traditions he absolutely must adhere to before game time and he will have at least one. It's not that he's crazy. These things develop over time lending credibility to them in the mind of the respective athlete if no one else.

So when there is talk of a team or player being cursed as ridiculous as it sounds folks pay attention. After all the talk about rapper Lil 'B possibly putting a curse on James Harden the Golden State Warriors and Atlanta Hawks decided to do a little Twitter sucking up to make sure they remain curse free.

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WATCH: Dallas Cowboys WR Terrance Williams With the GoPro Camera During Home Run Derby

Earlier in the week the Dallas Cowboys teamed up with Reliant Energy for a home run derby to raise money for the Salvation Army. A number of players participated in the event that raised over $50,000 for a great cause. As far as the hitting goes J.J. Wilcox provided the bulk of the fireworks with 22 hits and 15 home runs.

For comic relief it was wide receiver Terrance Williams that came through. He decided to strap a GoPro to his chest and go talk to everybody. It gets a little goofy.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Pittsburgh Pirates Run the Best Promotion Ever With Free Sexual Donuts

Have you ever wanted some afternoon delight, but didn't have a significant other that you could "enjoy" it with? Thanks to the Pittsburgh Pirates fans could get free tickets and enjoy a rather unique type of afternoon delight courtesy of a free sexual donut from Dunkin Donuts.

Yep--a sexual donut.

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PHOTO: Drake Jumping on the Houston Cougars Band Wagon?

It has been a long time since the Houston Cougars have been considered truly relevant in college football. However, with the talent they have on the roster and new head coach Tom Herman (former Ohio State offensive coordinator) leading the charge hopes are high. It showed in the recent commitments of five-star defensive tackle Ed Oliver and some other top notch recruits.

If some recruits are starting to see the potential for the Cougars it only stands to reason that some fans do as well.  Infamous band-wagoner Drake dropped by the team's office recently sparking immediate rumors that he was jumping off of the A&M (if he's still on it) and Kentucky bandwagons for the Cougars. Or....


Baltimore Ravens Rookie Robert Myers Likes His New Nickname More Than His Old One

Baltimore Ravens rookie offensive lineman Robert Myers is a big ole boy standing 6'5" and weighing in at 326 pounds. Chances are he has always been a big ole boy so throughout his life he was probably called all sorts of things; some flattering, some not so much. As for the ones that stuck--it depends on how catchy they were.

He had one in college that his coaches gave him, but he likes the new one he got at the NFL Combine a lot more.

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