Sunday, April 20, 2014

St. Louis Cardinals Trade the Rally Squirel to Colorado? [GIFs]

Back in 2011 the St. Louis Cardinals got a helping hand during it's trek through the MLB post season on to World Series glory. Their cute little friend--affectionately known as the Rally Squirrel--didn't really help as much in '12 or in '13. So the Cardinals traded him to Colorado.

And he made his first appearance Saturday during a game against the Philadelphia Phillies!


New field--gotta run, right?

and run some more...

If you are waiting for him to slide--he's not going to.

No word on who the Rockies sent to St. Louis (totally kidding of course).
[All GIFs via Cut4]

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No. 8 Seed Atlanta Hawks Make the No. 1 Seed Indiana Pacers Look Down Right Silly [GIFs]

No. 8 seeds have only won the first game of the series three times in NBA history; you can make it four after the way the Atlanta Hawks manhandled the Indiana Pacers. If you watched the game than you know it was just plain bad for the home team, but if you are a fan of the home team you aren't surprised.

Sadly, this has been the norm in recent weeks.


GIF: Blake Griffin 'Accidentally Throws Cup of Ice on Golden State Fan

Seriously Blake. You've done enough commercials by now to have some better acting chops than that. Is that your "I've seen the light!" look? That's just bad man. If the guy was talking smack about your momma--okay. But it looks like he wasn't saying a word.

You owe that guy a towel at least.


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GIF: Mets Pitcher Bartolo Colon Really, Really, Really Wanted to Hit the Ball

Eye on the ball Bartolo. Eye on the ball--and not the hot dog the lady behind you is eating.

via Cut4

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DeAndre Jordan Throws Up One Incredible Air Ball [GIF]

If the Clippers had dropped their opening round game to the Golden State Warriors this incredibly bad air ball would be the most hated air ball in Southern California and its owner--DeAndre Jordan--would be feeling the love from fans as well. Since the Warriors won by four (109-105) he's off the hook.

Than again he did go 3-8 from the line. Had he made those other five free throws....


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Saturday, April 19, 2014

GIF: Cameraman Wipes Out Trying to Follow Angels J.B. Shuck on His Home Run Trot

Oh the life of the MLB cameraman. This poor guy thought he was going to get a cool shot of J.B. Shuck as he trotter around the bases after hitting a home run. Instead he takes the spotlight off of Shuck's home run by becoming the highlight himself.

If this is not part of the NotTop10 list ESPN needs to give up.

via Cut4

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Will 49ers LB Aldon Smith be on the No Fly List?

It remains to be seen how the NFL is going to deal with 49ers LB Aldon Smith after his recent transgression. Charges have not been filed yet for claiming he had a bomb when going through airport security in LA recently. The league still could have something to say since he's a repeat offender and still embarrassed the heck out of the league.

But that's not the only possible punishment he could face--there's the 'no fly list.'


So is it the Chicago Blackhawks or the Chicago Unsportsmanlike? [PHOTO]

A small part of me can't help but wonder about something. It seems like we are constantly seeing sports-related broadcasts with screwed up graphics these days. Is this something that has always been an issue, but since the internet hasn't always been around to catch every little mistake we didn't know about it?

Or do the interns in charge of these things suck so much more now than they did than?