Sunday, January 25, 2015

Josh Gordon Officially the Biggest Waste of Talent in NFL History

After having drug issues that led to an early end to his college career you would think that Josh Gordon would have gotten his act together in the NFL but that has not been the case at all. Instead he missed the start of the 2013 because of a drug suspension and most of last season as well even though he swears it was second hand smoke that caused his positive test.

You would think that would be enough for the man to get his act together, but apparently not.


Andrew Luck Nearly Said No to Playing in the Pro Bowl

Indianapolis Colts fans are going to get a chance to see their quarterback in action one more time this season when he takes the field for the Pro Bowl Sunday. The decision wasn't made until the day after the Colts were decimated by the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship.


Bill Nye the Science Guy Says Bill Belichick Science Guy is Wrong [VIDEO]

If there is one thing we knew we could count on happenning after Bill Belichick decided to get all scientific in an effort to explain what happened with the footballs in the AFC Championship game--we would here from the real science guy, Bill Nye. Sure enough we have heard from Mr. Nye and he says that the Patriots coach is essentially full of hot air.

So nice try Bellicheat, but this is not going away just because you say you are done with it. Come on Bill! Did you really expect us to believe that footballs increase in pressure just because you rub them? Bad Bill! Bad!

Matt Damon Makes Super Bowl Bet With His Assistant, A Seattle Fan

Matt Damon, like most people, has a favorite team. His happens to be the New England Patriots; big schocker for the Massachusetts native, right? His assistant, Colin, happens to be from Washington. The two have made a bet in regards to the Super Bowl. Should the Patriots win Damon's assistant will have to wear a Tom Brady jersey all over the world in the next year as they travel for work.

So what will Damon have to do should Seattle win?


Seattle Seahawks WR Jermaine Kearse Fined For Throwing Football in the Stands

The no fun police have struck a member of the Seattle Seahawks yet again. This time Marshawn Lynch is being left alone. The NFL is picking on wide receiver Jermaine Kearse because he celebrated making the game winning catch against rhe Green Bay Packers by throwing the game ball in to the stands.

So not only has this ball cost him a pair of Super Bowl tickets and a signed jersey (for the fan that gave it back to him), but it also cost him $5512.

Marshawn Lynch the Most Fined Man in the NFL This Season

It may seem kind of strange when you consider how there are notorious dirty players like Ndamukong Suh that often get fined, but the league leader by far this season is not one of the usual suspects that likes to stomp on people, hit folks late, or make dirty plays.

It's Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch.

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Saturday, January 24, 2015

SNL Spoofs Tom Brady's and Bill Belichick's Deflate Gate Press Conferences in Hilarious Fashion [VIDEO]

If there is one good thing that will come from the whole deflate gate mess it will be Saturday Night Live making fun of the whole mess--which they of course did Saturday night and it was awesome.

Well done SNL. Well done indeed.

#UFCStockholm: Gegard Mousasi Makes Quick Work of Dan Henderson

Hendo, or Dan Henderson, has bene around the Octagon for a longtime. The man's first fight was back in 1997 against Crezio de Souza in Brazil. He went on to win his next eight before losing his first fight to Wanderlei Silva in 20000. However, with his latest defeat the end may be coming soon for Hendo who has now lost five of his last six fights after losing to Gegard Mousasi Saturday in Sweden.

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