Tuesday, September 2, 2014

49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh: If Ray McDonald is Guilty He's Gone.

Roger Goodell has realized his error in regards to domestic violence incidents involving NFL players, but it doesn't look like San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh is going to make the same kind of mistake Goodell did with the Ray Rice case.

Should defensive lineman Ray McDonald be guilty of domestic violence he is going to get worse than a nine game suspension from the 49ers. He is going to get cut.


Monday, September 1, 2014

TCU Defense Given Ultimatum By Head Coach Gary Patterson During Season Opener

When the TCU Horned Frogs took the field Saturday against the Samford Bulldogs the expectations were pretty straight forward. TCU was not just meant to win. The Horned Frogs were supposed to demolish the Bulldogs. Since the final score was 48-14 it's pretty safe to say they did.

However, it was almost not to head coach Gary Patterson's liking.


Georgia's Running Game Will Not Miss a Beat With Nick Chubb Carrying the Load Next Season [GIF]

The first half of the Georgia/Clemson game was a close one on Saturday, but in the second half--when Todd Gurley went nuts on the Tigers defense--it was anything but close. In the end the Bullodgs ran away with it 45-21 thanks to Gurley and the guy that will take up the slack for him after he heads to the NFL next season--freshman Nick Chubb.

He only got four carries, but he certainly made the most of them gaining 70 yards and scored his first career touchdown.

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Tiny Titan Madden '15 Glitch is Laugh Out Loud Funny! [VIDEO]

Maybe if I played more video games I wouldn't find this as funny as I do. Maybe glitches like this one in Madden '15 are not uncommon. They aren't common either, but stuff happens sometimes and as detailed as games are these days the code that goes in to these things must be insane.

Oh--and it also makes it more likely for stuff like the Tiny Titan to happen.

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Louisville's Bobby Petrino Remains Undefeated in Season Openers as a Head Coach; Cardinals Beat Miami 31-13

There were some that did not want Bobby Petrino to come back to Lousiville after the way he left, but many more were willing to forget (if not forgive) and did. With the state of the program looking good in spite of Charlie Strong departing for Texas they knew they needed someone that did not need time to acclimate himself to the program and area. Oh--and he had to be a solid coach (if not person).

Petrino fit the bill so he was hired, but was it the right call? Anyone that watched the season opener against the Miami Hurricanes Sunday night would say yes.


Indiana's Tevin Coleman is the Best Running Back No One Watched Saturday [VIDEO]

When you think about college sports and the state of Indiana you think of basketball and that's really about it. Throughout history Indiana has been a haven for basketball talent. When you think about football you think more about schools from Texas or Florida--not Indiana.

Which means that most of the nation probably missed one of the best performances of the weekend courtesy of Indiana running back Tevin Coleman.


University of Texas Police Investigating Drone Flight Over Stadium During Home Opener [VIDEO]

If you happened to be at the Texas Longhorns home opener against North Texas Saturday you may have noticed what appeared to be an unidentified flying object hovering over the stadium. As it turns out--it wasn't a friend from another planet, but an idiot student flying a drone--complete with camera--over the game.

Sure enough he was caught and arrested, but it remains to be seen how much trouble he will be in.


Oakland Raiders Ending the Matt Schaub Era Before it Starts; Rookie Derek Carr to Start

When the Oakland Raiders picked up Matt Schaub the idea generated the same general response among all over Raider Nation (see below). Yes, at one time Schaub was a capable and more than adeqaute quarterback. After losing his mojo last season? Not so much. Yet the team traded for him anyway and the Matt Schaub Era was set to begin.

With some news that broke Monday it appears that it has already ended and the Derek Carr Era begun.

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