Sunday, July 27, 2014

Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning Honors Recently Departed Fan During Training Camp Practice

It is not unusual to see guys in the NFL do things to honor people or causes. It's something guys do to show respect for friends, victims of tragedy, and to raise awareness. So why was Peyton Manning wearing the name Chris Crowson on his practice towel the other day in camp?

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Miles Austin Making a Great First Impression at the Start of Cleveland Browns Training Camp

When Miles Austin left the Dallas Cowboys during the off-season and moved to Ohio fans in Big D were not entirely sad to see him go. While capable of big games and explosive plays in recent years he had become a fixture on the injury report--and sideline--thanks to his delicate hamstrings.

Folks in Cleveland are glad to have though, and with Josh Gordon likely gone for the season hope he can fill the void as the No. 1 wide receiver.


What on Earth Could Get New England Patriots QB Ryan Mallett So Excited? [PHOTOS]

During a break during practice over the weekend New England Patriots quarterback Ryan Mallet was seen literally jumping for joy over with the fans. Hmmm....I wonder why....Could it be because the team traded that Brady guy and was naming him the No. 1 quarterback? Did his jersey sales surpass RGIII's?

Did he find Waldo? No, but he....

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WATCH: Minnesota Vikings Rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater Looking Good in Training Camp....So Far....

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been getting a lot of the buzz, but there is another rookie quarterback that is slowly starting to get a lot of buzz--Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater. Manziel--like Bridgewater--is battling for a starter's job, but with the competition Bridgewater is facing his chances of being the man in Week One are a lot greater.

With the way his offensive coordinator--Norv Turner--is talking him up it sounds like he has a pretty good shot, but a coach is supposed to talk his players up. How does he actually look?


Will Oakland Raiders DL Justin Tuck Get to Keep His Bane-Like Facemask?

Oakland Raiders defensive lineman Justin Tuck has become known for being a fierce beast on the gridiron; a person that quarterbacks see in their nightmares. With his new Bane-like facemask it is understandable if he takes the form of something even more dark and villainous inside the subconscious of QBs around the league.

The No Fun League wants to ban facemasks like his, but if you listen to him he is going to be able to wear his anyway.


Dallas Cowboys WR Cole Beasley Compares Dez Bryant and Tony Romo to Albert Einstein (yes, Einstein)

When we talk about athletes and celebrities it is sometime much easier to get a point across by comparing them to other athletes, celebrities, or even historical figures. Often times it's done to describe how a young players is expected to perform and uses a former player, i.e. Arian Foster is the next Jim Brown; Johnny Manziel this generation's Joe Namath; Jerry Jones is the next Al Davis.

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley decided to go a different route in a recent interview when talking about Dez Bryant and Tony Romo.

Oklahoma Commit's 66-Yard Field Goal Stirs Up Some Animosity Between Texas and Oklahoma Fans

Over the weekend a kick made by future Oklahoma kicker Austin Seibert was picked up by just about every blog and sports website under the sun (okay, maybe not every but quite a few of them). Yes, part of the reason is because there is not much football news out there and fans are dying for something, but it was also one heck of a kick.

Who knew it would be enough to stir up some feelings online from Texas and Oklahoma fans?

WATCH: Jacksonville Jaguars Big Boys Get in a Little Training Camp Scuffle

This is a great time of year. For the next couple weeks every team in the NFL has an honest shot. For some it may be a smaller shot than others, but until Game Day proves differently they do. The players know this, and that--along with being back on the practice field again--can lead to tempers flaring once the pads come on.

Like it did during Sunday's Jacksonville Jaguars practice.