Sunday, December 21, 2014

PHOTO: FOX NFL Commentator Kenny Albert Wearing a Naughty Snowman Sweater on Air

What makes this sweater even better than the well-placed carrot stick is that while the snowman with the red scarf is quite happy to show off his 'carrot stick' the one in the green scarf appears to be disappointed.

Kind of like she (we are going to assume its a she)  wanted a bigger carrot.


Washington Redskins Kicker Kai Forbath Accidentally Has the LOL Moment of the Season

There are some moments during a football game that are too funny for words. Washington Redskins kicker Kai Forbath accidentally had just such a moment late in Saturday's game that had some scared that the team had miraculously found a way to lose the game.

What was supposed to be a squib kick that could have/would have killed most if not all of the clock ended up nailing the up man for the Eagles giving Philly hope with the ball at midfield.


Philadelphia Eagles WR Riley Cooper Angers Fantasy Owners Everywhere By Actually Playing Well

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper had become a decent option for fantasy owners after the way he and Nick Foles seemed to bond last season. When Foles started to struggle this season many probably gave up on Cooper, and when Mark Sanchez took over and started targeting rookie Jordan Mathews there were few teams that even bothered to carry him.

In fact, only 4.5 percent of teams on ESPN had him on their rosters for championship week. Wouldn't you know it, but that would be the week where Mark Sanchez discovers him.

via Bleacher Report

WATCH: San Francisco 49ers RB Frank Gore Proves He is Far From Done on One Awesome Play

After getting injured last week there was some speculation floating around NFL circles that San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore could be done. He has not been the same stud this season that he normally is. Yeah, he's had flashes of brilliance, but few and far between. So--maybe last week's concussion is the beginning of the end.

This 52-yard touchdown run complete with broken tackles and stiff arms proves the end is not that close after all.

via Reddit

San Diego Chargers WR Eddie Royal Earns an Additional $500K With Strong Game Against 49ers

Eddie Royal's production has never come even close to matching what it was his first season in the NFL. As a rookie for the Denver Broncos he caught 91 balls for 983 yards and five touchdowns. In the years since he has ended the season with more touchdowns, but hasn't come close in yards and receptions.

So when his agent worked an incentive clause in to his contract should he make a certain number of catches the team probably thought there was no way he'd get it.

via Bleacher Report

Washington Redskins RB Alfred Morris Entered Rare Territory With Solid Game Against Philadelphia

Alfred Morris has not had a great season. After exploding on to the scene as a rookie with over 1600 yards he dipped down to around 1200 the next season so you could almost call this season's effort part of a distinct downward trend. While that has to be disturbing to fans and coaches his game has still been good enough to do something only one other Redskins running back has ever done.

Whatever could it be?

via Bleacher Report

WATCH: San Diego Chargers DB Shareece Wright Takes Out Cameraman in Back of End Zone

Anyone that is getting paid to take pictures on the sideline should be able to do two things: (1) handle watching the play come right at and still take the shot and (2) get out of the way when it's time to get out of the way. Most of them try hard to do the first and end up failing at the second.

Like this guy when he was trying to get a shot of San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin making a touchdown catch, but got hit by Chargers defensive back Shareece Wright as the duo ran out of bounds.

Utah WR Kaelin Clay: Talk to the Ball Because the Hand is Busy Holding It!

After taking Utah wide receiver Kaelin Clay out of bounds it appears that Colorado State defensive back Preston Hodges may have had a thing or two to say to Clay. Rather than get in a war of words with Hodges on his sideline and surrounded by his teammates Clay opted to do something else.

Something much more expressive that could have only been improved had he added two snaps and a circle at the end.