Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Seattle Seahawks DB Richard Sherman Upset Over Not Getting Pro Bowl Swag

For years the NFL held the Pro Bowl after the Super Bowl. The hope was that so the players named to the Pro Bowl from the two participating teams could participate, but more often than not they didn't play. So the league finally did something logical and moved it to the week before the Super Bowl.

Yes, the players on the Super Bowl teams would still not be playing, but more people would watch.

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J.J Watt Makes Great One-Handed Grab During Pro Bowl Warm Ups [VIDEO]

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. has dazzled fans with his one-handed receptions during games and during warm ups. He did so yet again during Pro Bowl warm ups, but he was not the only one showing off. Houston Texans defensive lineman and occasional tight end J.J. Watt showed off his ball hawking skills by making a one-handed reception during Pro Bowl warm ups.

Well done JJ. Well done indeed.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Denver Broncos TE Julius Thomas Looking to Become the Next Eric Decker By Jumping Ship

Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas has become a household name ever since he started catching touchdown passes from Peyton Manning. He didn't factor in to the Broncos offense at all in 2012, Manning's first season, but the last two years he has caught 108 receptions for 1277 yards and 24 touchdowns (12 each of the last two seasons).

Like another of Peyton's favorite past targets, Eric Decker, it appears that Thomas is more than open to jumping ship and taking his talents elsewhere.

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Teddy Bridgewater Deserve to Be in Offesive Rookie of the Year Conversations? [VIDEO]

When the Minnesota Vikings drafted Teddy  Bridgewater the hope was that the Louisville quarterback would end up becoming the QB of the future for the team. Christian Ponder was not going to live up to his hype and neither was Matt Cassell so the Vikings needed someone. They did not want to insert him in to the lineup as early as they did, but circumstances did not give them a choice.

So--how did he do?

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Change.org Petition Calling for Patriots to Be Disqualified and the AFC Championship to Be Replayed Hits 40K Signatures

When Change/org was started the idea was for matters that the people feel should be brought to the attention of the President of the United States be brought to his attention. Should a petition get enough signatures than the President will address the issue. That does not mean that he will do what it asks; just that he will address it.

Not too many have hit the required threshold which is good since most of them are completely ridiculous anyway. Football fans are hoping to get the commander in chief to chime in on the latest scandal of the day, Deflate Gate as it pertains to the AFC Championship and the Patriots right to play in the Super Bowl.

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Texas A&M DE Myles Garrett Dunking at A&M Rec Center [VIDEO]

Texas A&M fans know they have a special one on their hands in defensive end Myles Garrett. The freshman had a stellar year on a bad defense breaking Jadeveon Clowney's SEC freshman sack record. With his talents, some help on the line in the form of next year's incoming class, and a new defensive coordinator the sky is the limit for Garrett next season.

As it turns out his talents are not just on the football field.


Marhsawn Lynch Answers the Big Questions at Skittles Press Conference [VIDEO]

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch has become infamous for his adamant refusal to talk to the press. The NFL has fined him heavily for it in the past and has threatened to do so once again if he gives the press a hard time during Super Bowl week.

As it turns out he will talk. It just needs to be to the right people and with a little encouragement.

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WATCH: Andrew Luck Connects With TY Hilton for One More Awesome Touchdown Reception

Indianapolis Colts fan got to see something they hope to see a lot more of in the near future Sunday night when Andrew Luck connected with TY Hilton for a touchdown pass in the first quarter of the Pro Bowl. It endeed up being one of just three catches on the night, but it sure was a pretty nice catch!

The only question now is whether he will still be sharing the spotlight with Reggie Wayne next season.