Monday, August 31, 2015

Colorado Rockies OF Charlie Blackmon Makes Infielder Miss Easy Out With Awesome Slide [GIF]

Charlie Blackmon is not a household name. The Colorado Rockies outfielder is not one of those guys that makes Sportscenter type plays on a nightly basis, but he certainly pulled one off against the Arizona Diamondbacks Monday night. The D-Backs infielder should have made an easy tag as Blackmon slid into second base.

However, thanks to a nifty piece of footwork during his slide that even fooled the umpire Blackmon was safe.

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New York Jets RB Zac Stacy And The Perfect Screen Play [VIDEO]

Zac Stacy appeared to be on the right track in his career, but then the St. Louis Rams took Tre Mason last year in the draft and this year took Todd Gurley. It was pretty clear that he was the odd man out so he asked to be traded or released. The team traded him to a place that is in dire need of a quality running back--the New York Jets.

He didn't do much in the first two preseason games, but he had a good night against the New York Giants (84 total yards, one touchdown) including a 24-yard pass reception on a screen play that could not have been drawn up any better than it was run.

Oakland Raiders Cut Trent Richardson But Richardson Gets The Last Laugh

This is the toughest week of the season for head coaches and general managers around the NFL. It is cut week. By Tuesday rosters have to be down to 75, and by Saturday 53. That means the dream is going to end for a number of guys, but if they are lucky they might get picked up by someone else. Oakland Raiders running back Trent Richardson will likely not be one of those people.

He disappointed in Cleveland. He disappointed even more in Indianapolis. No one expected much from him so it is hard to say he disappointed anyone in Oakland. Everyone hoped they would get the explosive and incredibly talented guy they all saw at Alabama, but that guy just hasn't shown up.

"Out Of Control Beard Andrew Luck" May Be The Best DirecTV Commercial Yet [VIDEO]

DirecTV did exactly what they set out to do with their weird Rob Lowe alter ego commercials--get people talking. Folks either hated them or loved them, but they did what any good commercial does. They created buzz. The Rob Lowe versions were not too popular so the company pulled them, but now they are using the same formula, but with NFL superstars.

There is 'Bad Comedian' Eli Manning, 'Arts and Craftsy' Tony Romo, and the best of the bunch--out of control beard Andrew Luck!

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Notre Dame Brings Back Trick Shot Monday For The 2015 Season [VIDEO]

For the last few years the boys at Notre Dame have had a tradition called Trick Shot Monday. The guys get together and take turns trying to bounce a ping pong ball in to a cup of water, but with one stipulation--no straight on, easy shots. It has to be something tricky (hence the name).

The Fighting Irish have Texas on deck for Saturday so that means on Monday it was time to break out the ping pong balls!

Houston Astros SS Carlos Correa Returns To Line Up; Hits Home Run No. 16

The Houston Astros were forced to do without the services of short stop Carlos Corea for the last few games, but Monday night against the Seattle Mariners the popular rookie made his triumphant return to the playing field. he wasted no time making his presence felt by hitting home run No. 16 of the season.

The two run shot gave the Astros a 5-1 lead in the bottom of the fifth.

Big Papi Crushes Career Home Run No. 495 [VIDEO]

David Ortiz, aka Bog Papi, has been crushing baseballs for a longtime. Over the years he has crushed quite a few of them. He has hit at least 30 in eight of his 18 seasons, three times he has hit more than 40, and his career high for a single season is 54. So--yeah, he's kind of good at hitting home runs.

Monday night, in the bottom of the fourth against the New York Yankees, he crushed No. 495 of his career over the left field wall to give the team a 3-2 lead.

Did You See Redskins LB Jackson Jeffcoat Intercept Matt Schaub Saturday Night? [VIDEO]

Jackson Jeffcoat has been having a solid preseason so far playing well whenever he steps on the field. It hasn't mattered if he is with the first team or not. He's been making plays against whoever he plays against. Saturday night he got the chance to make another big play when he sniffed out a screen play during the third quarter.

he would have ben satisfied with blowing up the ball carrier, but since Matt Schaub was kind enough to overthrow the ball carrier he made the interception instead.