Tuesday, July 19, 2016

#CyborgSantos: Want To Hear What A Skull Cracking Knee To The Head Sounds Like? [VIDEO]

Saturday night, one of the more popular clips online was the end of the Michael Page-Cyborg Santos fight during Bellator 158. Not so much for the knee to the head that knocked out Santos, but the Pokemon style celebration Page used after the fight. However, in the days since then, the gruesome reality of the moment has proven to be nothing worth celebrating.

Santos ended up suffering a skull fracture from the knee to the head. The only thing as gruesome as the injury itself is the thud that can be heard when contact is made.


Saturday, July 9, 2016

#UFC200: Miesha Tate Gets Destroyed By Amanda Nunes In First (and last) Title Defense [VIDEO]

After Miesha Tate beat Holly Holm to win the women's bantamweight belt she spent her time talking the talk. She talked like she was the best thing since sliced bread, like she whipped Holm, and like she had never been whipped by Ronda Rousey. To her credit--she deserved the belt. She survived a timid Holm and slipped a submission on Holm when she finally got the chance late in the fight.

But she didn't whip Holm, and she didn't whip anyone in her first title defense Saturday night in Vegas either. Instead, she got whipped:

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#UFC200: Brock Lesnar Wins But The Best Part Was His Shout Out After The Fight [VIDEO]

Dana White has to be sorry he cut Connor McGregor from UFC 200. None of the big fights really ended up being any good. Everything after Cain Velasquez whipped Travis Browne was underwhelming. There was a dominant strategy that worked for some, but not all--run. Aldo ran from Edgar and won. Silva tried to run, but Cormier wouldn't let him. Hunt tried to run from Brock and it kind of worked. Brock didn't knock him out.

But while Brock's fight was underwhelming, his shout out after the fight was pretty cool:

#UFC200: Cain Velasquez Beats The S**T Out Of Travis Browne For First Round TKO

After losing to Fabrício Werdum his last time out, Cain Velasquez had to go into his fight against Travis Browne Saturday night in Vegas thinking about getting a little personal retribution. Losing sucks no matter what, but being submitted has to work on your psyche a little more. It has to make you want to do a little more damage your next time out.

Which is exactly what Cain Velasquez did to Travis Browne:

Friday, July 8, 2016

#TUFFINALE: Doo Ho Choi Lands Crazy Knockout Punch On Thiago Tavares In First Round [VIDEO]

When you look at Doo Ho Choi you don't picture him as being a knockout beast--but that is exactly what he is. Heading into Friday night's fight on the TUF 23 Finale main card, the 145-pound fighter had a record of 14-1 with 11 knockouts.

It didn't take long for him to record knockout No. 12--and it as awesome!

#TUFFINALE: Joaquim Silva Scores Monster First Round Knockout Of Andrew Holbrook [VIDEO]

Back in college, I took a self-defense class. Towards the end of the course we got to spar and for my final fight I went up against a guy that loved to kick. I envisioned myself catching his leg, doing this really cool leg sweep, and knocking his ass out.

I did and it was awesome--but I didn't look anywhere near as cool as Joaquim Silva did here:

Thursday, July 7, 2016

#UFCVegas: Eddie Alvarez Destroys Rafael dos Anjos To Become New Lightweight Champ [VIDEO]

Rafael dos Anjos deserves a lot of credit for lasting as long as he did in this fight. When his legs wobbled early on it looked like he was about to be knocked out, but he almost recovered from it--and he took a flying knee to the head that had to scramble his brains a little.

But he didn't recover.

#UFCVegas: Roy Nelson Actually Survived This Devastating Blow From Derrick Lewis [VIDEO]

When two big boys fight you can count on one of two things happening. Either one will get knocked in the first round because these guys can throw some incredibly heavy blows or there will be a whole lot of hugging going on.

Thursday night in Vegas, it looked like Derrick Lewis was going to knock out Roy Nelson in the first round, but somehow Big Country survived. Lewis ended up laying down some insanely heavy blows (like the one below) on Nelson during the fight but only won by split decision: