Friday, August 28, 2015

WATCH: Jaguars QB Chad Henne Flattened By Lions Defensive Tackles

When the Detroit Lions lost Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley there were many that were concerned about the state of the Lions defensive front. Well-after three preseason games it is safe to say the guys they have are not half bad. Will they replace Suh? No-you can't replace a player of his caliber. You just figure out how to move.

From the looks of it they are moving along rather well. They were not able to get to Blake Bortles, but they beat up on Chad Henne pretty good (three sacks; this was not one of them thanks to a penalty. The second guy was accused of piling on.).

WATCH: Kansas City Chiefs QB Aaron Murray Throws Beautiful Touchdown Pass To Fred Williams

Barring an injury to Alex Smith, Aaron Murray will probably have to leave Kansas City for another team if he wants to get a chance to play. The Chiefs have committed to Smith for the next four years so unless he get hurt or starts to play horribly Murray is going to have fun in the preseason and enjoy watching the game in the regular season.

Should he go when his rookie contract is up or should the Chiefs decide to put him up on the trade block someone is going to be interested in a quarterback that can throw a pass as pretty as this one:

WATCH: Carolina Panthers DB Charles Tillman With The Sweet Interception Off Of Tom Brady

Charles Tillman had played his entire career in one spot leading up to this season, but the Chicago Bears decided that they were down with him and let him walk during the off-season. The Carolina Panthers were more than happy to sign a veteran player of his talent, and he proved just why Friday night with a sweet interception of a Tom Brady pass where he basically ripped the pass away from the Patriots receiver.

Tom Brady's pathetic attempt to tackle Tillman (or force him out of bounds) gives the clip an amusing finish.

WATCH: Detroit Lions RB Ameer Abdullah Trucks Over Jaguars Defender During Screen Play

Word coming out of Detroit is that the team is going to use a running back by committee approach when the regular season starts. Most expect rookie Ameer Abdullah to be the main man, but the team is making it sound like that is not the case. However. after he makes a few plays like the screen play he had against Jacksonville Friday night we'll see a bit more of Abdullah than the other guys.

The poor defender is probably still asking guys if they got the license plate of the truck that hit him.

WATCH: Carolina Panthers FB Mike Tolbert Hits The Quan After Scoring Touchdown Against Patriots

A couple years ago Carolina Panthers fullback Mike Tolbert was all about the dance moves every time he scored. Every time he would break in to the end zone the big man would get down for a few moments to celebrate the score. Last year we didn't get to see him dance--because he didn't score.

So when he scampered in to the end zone Friday night against New England for a touchdown the dance moves were let loose once again!

WATCH: Kansas City Chiefs WR Jeremy Maclin With The 29-Yard Touchdown Reception Against Tennessee

Something incredible happened last week during the Kansas City Chiefs preseason game--a wide receiver scored a touchdown. The team brought Jeremy Maclin in for a reason, and he gave them a taste of things to come by doing something the Chiefs have not seen a receiver do in a very long time--score.

Just in case anyone feared the receiver scoreless streak was going to start over Maclin went ahead and scored a 29-yard touchdown early against the Tennessee Titans Friday night:

WATCH: Detroit Lions LB Stephen Tulloch Gives Jaguars Rookie RB T.J. Yeldon A Proper Welcome To The NFL

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie running back T.J. Yeldon had yet to play during the preseason prior to Friday night's game against the Detroit Lions. He didn't exactly blow the Lions defense up. On eight carries he only gained ten yards,but he did score his first NFL touchdown on a one-yard dash early in the second quarter.

He had to pay for it though. Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch met him in the hole too late to keep him from scoring, but not too late to lay one heck of  a 'welcome to the NFL rookie' hit on him.

WATCH: New England Patriots TE Scott Chandler Scores Touchdown--And His Kids Go Wild! (Warning: Adorable Cuteness Alert)

After spending his entire career in the offense-wasteland that is Buffalo, Scott Chandler is finally playing with a good quarterback and in an offense that really likes to make use of its tight ends--New England. With a defender in his face, he made a heck of an 18-yard touchdown catch against the Carolina Panthers Friday night.

Of course, it didn't hurt that Tom Brady dropped it right where it needed to go.