Monday, November 24, 2014

Raffle Held at Buffalo Bills-New York Jets Game Raises Over $25,000 for Disaster Relief

The New York Jets and Buffalo Bills were in Detroit thanks to the insane amount of snow Mother Nature dropped on the folks in upstate New York. While the football was not the best (Michael Vick played so bad Geno Smith was considered a better option) there was one thing that was pretty darn awesome.

I'm talking about the amount of money raised to benefit Buffalo Red Cross Disaster Relief efforts.


Dude Perfect's Latest Video Features Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson and Head Coach Pete Carroll [VIDEO]

Trick shot artists Dude Perfect have a knack for hitting the craziest of shots from the most outlandish of places. From time to time they have even gotten a few celebrities to try their hand at the trick shot as well. In their latest video their partners in crime were none other than Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and his head coach Pete Carroll.

Hmmm....professional football player in video of trick shots using a football....could be good....


Justin Forsett Runs for Career High 182 Yards to Lead Baltimore Ravens to Win Over Saints on MNF

The New Orleans Saints used to be the kind of team that did not lose at home especially when they were on during prime time, but this season that is far from the case. Monday night against the Baltimore Ravens they lost again. This time it was by a touchdown, 34-27, but if you watched the game you know it was not as close as the score makes it seem.

It was mostly because of this guy, Ravens running back Justin Forsett.

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WATCH: New Orleans Saints DC Rob Ryan Gets Really, Really Angry

Thank you for being so animated every time you get angry Rob Ryan. That way even when the Saints are not playing well we know we will still be entertained.

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WATCH: Ravens DL Chris Canty Gives Saints OL Terron Armstead One for Flinching

There is one thing that every offensive line coach at every level of the game tells his guys. If you are going to jump you might as well go all out and hit someone. Why not since you are going to get penalized anyhow, right? It's also to make sure the defender doesn't unleash on you because he can since you moved first.

Just like Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Chris Canty did to New Orleans Saints offensive lineman Terron Armstead early in Monday night's game:

WATCH: Surprise, Surprise--Baltimore Ravens WR Steve Smith Gets in a Fight

Normally, at this point I'd say something like I don't get why this man is always so angry. Here he is getting paid a ridiculous amount of money to play a game for a living. That alone would be reason enough for most of us to never get angry again. Here he is having another great game against the New Orleans Saints. He beats Kenny Vaccaro on the play, but then has to end it by giving Kenny a shot to the head.

It knocks Kenny's helmet off, he reacts, Smith responds in kind and pandemonium is created!

WATCH: New York Jets WR Eric Decker Shows Why the Broncos Didn't Try Harder to Keep Him

There were some who wondered if Eric Decker was really a good wide receiver or if he was just the lucky recipient of Peyton Manning's awesomeness in Denver. The Jets decided to bank on the former.

Looks like they were wrong.

WATCH: Buffalo Bills WR Robert Woods Makes Incredible One-Handed Reception

What sucks about this catch is that it will inevitably draw comparisons to another one-handed catch. Yeah, you know the one I'm talking about--Odell Beckham Jr.'s gem from Sunday night. Of course it is not going to match up to that, but you have to give the man some credit.

This really is a tremendous catch.