Thursday, June 16, 2016

WATCH: Dallas Cowboys Rookie RB Ezekiel Elliot Puts Some Serious Moves On Byron Jones

Yes, it is only practice. Yes, it is without pads so they are not hitting--but so what? The moves the rookie running back puts on defensive back Byron Jones during a recent practice were pretty freaking awesome.

Now hopefully he makes it look just as easy when they put pads on...and when someone is trying to tackle him...

Saturday, June 4, 2016

#UFC199: Michael Bisping Wins Title Belt After Rocking Luke Rockhold's World

The dancing around in UFC fights can get a little annoying at times, but if you let it fool you into thinking it's okay to check your email you can miss something. You could miss someone landing a pair of ridiculously hard lefts to the jaw.

Like Michael Bisping does here:

#UFC199: Dan Henderson Proves He's Not Too Old To Knock Hector Lombard Out

It has not been a good couple years or Dan Henderson. Prior to Saturday night's fight at #UFC199 he was riding a 2-6 record dating back to February 2013. His last time out saw him  get knocked out in the first round. There was a time where it looked like he might go down in the first again--but he didn't.

He survived and the 45-year old made the second round his:

#UFC199: Bobby Green's Arrogance Gets The Best Of Him...Or Rather Dustin Poirer Does [VIDEO]

Confidence is a good thing to have, except when it borders a little too close to arrogance--which is exactly what happened to Bobby Green Saturday night in Inglewood, California. Green probably thought he was putting on a show for the fans and kicking off the main card right. Well, he did.

Just not in the fashion he had hoped for. He got knocked the **** out!

#UFC199: Brian Ortega Knocks Out Clay Guida With A Flying Knee [VIDEO]

Brian Ortega as losing this fight. In another 30 seconds, the whole contest was going to be over and he was going to have to watch the Clay Guida get his hand raised in victory--unless he did something big.

So he did.

#UFC199: Beneil Dariush Knocks James Vick Out Cold!

This one is for the little guy in all of us. Dariush is just 5'10." James Vick is 6'3." You would think that the tall guy would have an advantage and would be able to rain down punishment from above--but that was not the case.

Instead, the little guy was able to get a little more velocity behind those blows:

#UFC199: Jessica Andrade Destroys Jessica Penne In Serious Mismatch [VIDEO]

When you watch an MMA event you expect to see a few ass-kickings from time to time. It's what we tune in for. However, at the same time, you hope that the fights are competitive. Sometimes there is a fight that makes you wonder why in the world it as scheduled because one fighter dominated the other so bad.

The Jessica Andrade-Jessica Penne fight was one of those fights:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Texas Rangers OF Nomar Mazara Crushes Longest Home Run Of The Season In Win Over Angels [VIDEO]

This is one of the reasons why I love baseball. Not because home runs are cool or anything like that, but because every year there are players that the average fan has never heard of that comes out of nowhere to become an absolute beast. With just 38 games under his belt, it looks like the Texas Rangers may have a beast in rookie outfielder Nomar Mazara.

Here he is hitting his eighth home run of the season, and the longest by any Major League player this season--491-feet: