Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Short Film San Francisco 49ers TE Vernon Davis is in Made it to the Final Round of Project Greenlight [VIDEO]

Remember that silly clip for a movie starring 49ers tight end Vernon Davis as a superhero named Captain Torpedo? Well--as it turns out ole Vernon may have a future in acting. The clip was submitted to HBO's Project Greenlight, a documentary about novice directors looking for a shot at the big time.

The judges must like what they see because it is now one of the finalists in the contest.

The Team With the Most Expensive Beer in the NFL is--the Oakland Raiders!

Have you ever wondered why some of the fans of the Oakland Raiders dress up in the crazy outfits that they do? Those things--those things are not what normal folks think of, right? Some of these things have to scare small children! There must be a reason for it....

...and it might be simpler than you think!


Texas Rangers Pitcher Nick Tepesch Threw 400 MPH Against Oakland? That's What the Radar Gun Said...

Sometimes under extreme circumstances people are capable of doing things that people refer to as 'super-human.' There are all sorts of stories about mom's going beast mode and lifting trucks off of their babies, but that is truly an extreme circumstance. Pitching for a team that has been out of playoff contention for sometime does not qualify as such.

So how in the world did a so-so pitcher like Texas Rangers Nick Tepesch throw 400 MPH against the A's in Oakland Tuesday night?


Former Texas Longhorns Coach Mack Brown Thanks David Ash and Wishes Him Well

It was something that looked obvious from the outside looking in when David Ash sat out most of last season with symptoms of a concussion, but he was eventually deemed healthy and was supposed to be the man for the Longhorns this season. Another concussion in the team's season opener made it painfully clear what had to happpen next.

David Ash had to stop playing football.

via Twitter

Florida State Students Have Your Back Jameis Winston!

It's been a long day for Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. It's bad enough that he has to deal with the constant reminders of his sexual assault investigation, crab-gate, and fun with a pellet gun (among other things). Now he's been suspended for half of this weekend's Clemson game for yelling something stupid on top of a table with other college students around.

So it must suck to be him; to know that his actions could cause the team to be upset this weekend. There is nothing to worry about though because much of the student body has his back.


Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson: Can’t Nobody Tell Me How to Discipline My Kids

As the Adrian Peterson saga unfolds more and more players are offering their two cents on the matter and disciplining children. Lions running back Reggie Bush did so recently causing a stir online when he said he will discipline his daughter 'harshly' if the need ever arises (he eventually tried to clarify/soften his comments).

What he could have done was be more like his teammate, Calvin Johnson.


Wide Receiver Percy Harvin the Not-So-Secret Weapon for the Seattle Seahawks Running Game?

The San Diego Chargers surprised football fans around the world Sunday when the managed to beat the defending world champions in rather convincing fashion, 30-21. When a team manages to play keep away as well as the Chargers did it's kind of hard to score (San Diego held the ball for more than 42 minutes).

That was not the only surprise though. As it turns out the leading rusher for the Seahawks was not good ole Beast Mode, but wide receiver Percy Harvin.


Jameis Winston May Have Given Clemson the Opening it Needs to Upset Florida State

Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston is discovering that college may not be as fun as he thought it was going to be. Seriously, what's wrong with standing on top of a table and yelling something sexually explicit? Umm...Jameis there is plenty wrong with it and not just because you're a public figure and the face of the national champions.

As a result of it, head coach Jimbo Fisher the university has decided to suspend the quarterback for the first half of Saturday's game against No. 22 Clemson