Saturday, October 3, 2015

WATCH: Sage Northcutt Unleashes Incredible Flurry On Francisco Trevino

Francisco Trevino will likely never start a fight off with a kick like the one he attempted against Sage Northcutt during their fight at UFC 192 Saturday night. Not only did he slip, but he appeared to anger Northcutt who unleashed an impressive flurry of punches and punishment on Trevino until the ref rescued him.

Well done Sage. Well done indeed.

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#UFC192: Fighter Jumps Off Cage To Deliver Punch To Opponent On The Ground [GIF]

This is cool as hell. Typically you only see it happen when Hollywood is involved, but occasionally you will see punches like this in an actual UFC fight. I can only assume that I believe it is Sergio Pettis (could be wrong) was tired of having to keep his distance from Chris Cariaso's legs so he figured out another way to punch him.

Well done dude. Well done indeed.

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Derrick Lewis Gets UFC 192 Off TO A Good Start With TKO Of Viktor Pešta[GIF]

The guys that fight on the prelim card for a UFC event are often going to be guys that few have ever heard of so people don't always bother to show up for the early fights. That does not mean the action is not going to be good. Sometimes it isn't, but that was not the case for the first fight on the UFC 192 fight card.

I can't speak for the whole fight, but in the end Derrick Lewis beat Viktor Pesta like a red-headed stepchild.

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WATCH: ESPN Cuts Away To The Studio During An Epic Dabo Swinney Speech/Rant

Clemson had just secured a nice win over a good Notre Dame team proving that the Tigers are a legitimate contender this season. The team's head coach had already promised that he'd be doing the whip and the Nae Nae later, and was in the midst of an epic post game speech/rant where he was praising everyone--and ESPN cuts away to show two guys sitting at the studio desk.

To be honest--I almost thought it was an ESPN commercial. It seemed like something they would do for a commercial, but it wasn't.

WATCH: Clemson Stuffs Notre Dame On Two Point Conversion Attempt To Preserve Win

Clemson was in control of Saturday night's game against Notre Dame for the majority of the contest. They were helped by four turnovers in the process, but that's Notre Dame's fault. In spite of the turnovers, however, the Fighting Irish nearly made an epic comeback. They got in scoring position only to fumble the ball away, stuffed the Clemson offense, got the ball back, and scored with just seconds on the clock.

All they needed was a two-point conversion and the game would go to overtime--but the Clemson defense held.

WATCH: Arizona State Offensive Line Shoves RB Kalen Ballage About 20 Yards Into The End Zone For A Touchdown

Normally, an offensive lineman's job is to block for the ball carrier; to move people out of the way so they can't tackle the running back. They are not supposed to do anything else really, but somehow the Arizona State offensive line was able to get away with a lot more against UCLA Saturday night.

After the Bruins defense started to tie up running back Kalen Ballage the ASU lineman decided to come over and help keep the people moving--about 20-yards to the end zone!

WATCH: Clemson Defensive Back Destroys Notre Dame Wide Receiver

Clemson had an opportunity in front of itself in Saturday's Notre Dame game. It was a chance to show that they could hang with the big dogs--and hang they did. Clemson took it to Notre Dame as hard as they could, laying the lumber as often as possible.

Like they did here.

WATCH: Clemson Kicker Ammon Lakip Lays Fumble Causing Hit On Notre Dame's C.J. Sanders

Kickers are not known for doing much other than making a funny shaped ball fly really far. Typically if they do anything else you cringe because you don't think they can do it. Occasionally you see them tackle, and some can actually tackle pretty well.

You don't, however, see them make someone fumble after they hit them--like Clemson kicker Ammon Lakip did here on Notre Dame return man C.J. Sanders:

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