Sunday, March 1, 2015

Syracuse Lacrosse Pulls Off Hidden Ball Trick Against Virginia in Epic Fashion [VIDEO]

When most sports fans think of the old hidden ball trick they picture a baseball team tricking a base runner in to believing the pitcher has the ball when he doesn't. As it turns out there are other sports that can pull off a hidden ball trick too. Syracuse Lacrosse did a tremendous job of pulling it off against Virginia Sunday.

Kudos to the acting jobs it took to make this play work. Well done boys!

Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller Appears to Call the Ref a Naughty Name [GIF]

In the heat of battle and with the game on the line players are known to say a thing or two that they would not want their mothers to hear come out of their mouths. Anyone that has played or sat court side at a basketball game know that the coaches are just as prone to letting their language get out of hand.

For example, Saturday night after a few questionable calls Arizona head coach Sean Miller appeared to call the ref a mother f-er. Shame on you coach! For shame!


PHOTO: Manny Pacquiao Trolling Floyd Mayweather With Pacman Shirt?

The fight that the world thought would never happen is finally going to on May 2. Floyd Mayweather is finally going to be stepping in to the ring against a legitimate contender, Manny Pacquiao. With the fight just a couple months away both have to br preparing for the fight. It looks like Manny was when this shot of him wearing a t-shirt with a Pacman eating a money symbol was taken.

Hmmm...think he was trying to say something with the shirt? That the Pacman (him) is going to eat Floyd "Money" Mayweather alive?


Friday Night Lights Head Coach Eric Taylor Inspired By New England Patriots HC Bill Belichick

He is one of the most popular fictional football coaches to ever hit the big or small screen. In case you never saw the show he is Eric Taylor from the television show Friday Night Lights, a series about small town Texas football based on the book of the same name. It was a tremendous show and if you ask any guy that ever saw it he would say it would be awesome to play for a guy like Eric Taylor.

That makes it kind of surprising to hear who the actor that played Eric Taylor, Kyle Chandler, drew his inspiration from.

New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski Spikes Football Shaped Cake on Brother's Head at Vegas Party [VIDEO]

Rob Gronkowskiknows how to celebrate. It doesn't matter if he is on the football or off of it, the man knows how to celebrate whatever it is that he deems worthy. It is all a part of being the legendary party animal fans know simply as The Gronk. On and off the field he is larger than life and ready to get a little crazy if need be at a moments notice.

So--what do you think he would do with a football shaped cake at a party in Las Vegas?


Houston Rockets Crown New King on Twitter After Beating Cavaliers

LeBron James has gone by the nickname King James throughout his career, but after the self-proclaimed king failed to come through for his team against the Houston Rockets Sunday afternoon the Twitter account for the Rockets thought it was time to crown a new king.

Who else would they want to give the crown to than the man who took the old king down during the game.

via Twitter

LeBron James Explains Misses Against Rockets On Twitter in Confusing Fashion

Against the Houston Rockets Sunday LeBron James had two chances to play hero for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He could have won it with a step-back jumper in the waning moments of the fourth quarter, but missed. He also could have kept the team alive late in the overtime period had he made a couple of free throws. Instead he missed both, James Harden made one of two, and the game ended 105-103, Houston.

Failing in the clutch is something every star players does so the fact that LeBron failed here is not exactly Earth shattering news.

WATCH: James Harden GIves LeBron James a Swift Kick in the Nuts

For the vast majority of players in the NFL it is challenging to attempt to defend LeBron James. For someone who is notorious for being defensively-challenged like Houston Rockets superstar James Harden it is a lot more than just challenging. There is, however, one move Harden can make that may help level the playing field.

A swift kick to the family jewels.