Tuesday, July 22, 2014

St. Louis Rams Michael Sam Has Perfect Response to Tony Dungy's Comments

The most unexpected controversy has been playing out in the media over the last few days--Tony Dungy commenting on how he would not have drafted former Missouri linebacker Michael Sam because he would not want to deal with the eventual trouble of having an openly gay player in the locker room.

Dungy has since tried to clarify his comments (and failed miserably), but maybe Michael Sam's response to them can put this mess to bed sooner rather than later.


Baylor QB Bryce Petty Has Fans at a Dairy Queen in Salem, OR After All

Recently during the Big 12 Media Days Baylor head coach Art Briles was talking up his team and his quarterback--Bryce Petty, a potential Heisman winner this season--when he made a claim. In a nut shell he said folks at a Dairy Queen know who Bryce Petty is.

As could be expected, a local paper (The Oregonian) was more than happy to try and prove him wrong--and it appeared that it did.


LeBron James Sent Cupcakes to Neighbors as an Apology for Chaos Surrounding 'the Decision II'

LeBron James is making all the right moves to shift from being the guy everyone loves to hate--especially basketball fans in Cleveland--to the most beloved guy in town (at least in Cleveland). For some all it took was coming back to Ohio to play for the Cavaliers, but for others the memory of 'the Decision' still burns.

His essay that Sports Illustrated posted will help turn some of them. Others will probably turn when the season starts--but he wanted to make sure his neighbors turned a little sooner.


PHOTO: Auburn WR Sammie Coates Going Beast Mode on Some Pull-ups

Auburn is going to be looking to make another run at the national title this season, and if they are going to do so they are going to need guys like wide receiver Sammie Coates to take it up another notch. So to improve off his stats last season (42 receptions, 902 yards, and 7 TDs) he has kept himself busy going beast mode in the gym.

Especially on some pull-ups!


PHOTO: Big 12 Media Days Mess Up--Hook 'Em Red Raiders?

Interns are supposed to be people you can rely on to do their job even though they are working endless and sometimes crazy hours for no money--just course credit! So it should come as no surprise that they are not motivated to get things right.

Like make sure the helmet in an image matches the team it is intended for--right Texas Longhorns?


Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson May Be Back--But For How Long?

Mondays typically suck, but this past Monday was not a bad one for fans of the Houston Texans. It appears that disgruntled wide receiver Andre Johnson may be coming back to the team in time for the opening of training camp on Friday.

It's not a given yet, but since the man was supposedly at the team's facility to work on learning the new offense.


Do Not Mess With Marshawn Lynch's Lamborghini (but you can look at it behind the velvet ropes)

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is a big dude. He's one of those guys that you don't want to see angry--or have him angry at you--because he could do some damage if he was so inclined. They don't call him Beast Mode for nothing, right?

So when you see his white Lamborghini you might want to think twice about touching it....


Minnesota Vikings RB Adrian Peterson Secretly Get Married?

If the rumor is true my faith in social media, the Twitter-atti, paparazzi, gossip mongers, and the media in general is completely blown away. How could no one--not even TMZ who has a camera everywhere--catch that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson got married?

What has the world come to when you can't count on tabloids anymore?