Friday, October 24, 2014

Pee Wee Team Fined $500 and Coach Suspended After Pick-6 Breaks Mercy Rule [VIDEO]

There is absurd. There is crazy, and than there is freaking nuts. This story about a pee wee team--the Lawrenceville Black Knights in Georgia--being fined $500 for accidentally running up the score is all of the above.


Denver Broncos WR Emmanuel Sanders Made His Fantasy Football Owners Very Happy Thursday Night [GIFs]

For the last two weeks Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders has been a little disappointing to his fantasy football owners with just six catches for 79 yards and one touchdown total. Were that a one game total it would not be bad (for a PPR league), but split between two? It sucks.

So with the weapons at Peyton Manning's disposal and the Chargers having a pretty decent pass defense sitting Sanders might have seemed like a good idea--but it ended up being a terrible one.

via Bleacher Report

WATCH: Denver Broncos Rookie RB Juwan Thompson Scores Twice in Win Over San Diego

A solid preseason convinced the Denver Broncos that they wanted to keep an undrafted rookie running back from Duke by the name of Juwan Thompson. For the first few weeks of the season he didn't get any work in the backfield, but now that Montee Ball has been out he has played the role of change of pace back for Ronnie Hillman quite well.

While he doesn't get much work he is making the most of it. Thursday night he only got seven carries and gained just 24 yards--but he made the most of them by scoring two touchdowns!

Antonio Gates Sets New San Diego Chargers Receiving Record in Loss to Broncos [GIFs]

From 1962-70 San Diego Chargers  wide receiver Lance Alworth caught 493 passes for 9584 yards and 81 touchdowns. For the next 44 years the mark stood as the most career receiving yards in the history of the franchise. After Thursday night's Chargers-Broncos game the mark is now the second highest in franchise history.

The new high belongs to future Hall of Fame tight end Antonio Gates.

via Bleacher Report

Everyone in Denver Wants to Videobomb the San Diego Chicken [GIF]

When you are in as mascot costume representing the visiting team and getting spanked things like this are going to happen.

WATCH: San Diego Chargers WR Malcolm Floyd Makes a Big Catch Against Denver in the Second Half [GIF]

San Diego Chargers wide receiver Malcolm Floyd has had a very quiet season so far; surprising almost considering how well Phillip Rivers has been playing. While he may not be producing as much this season he is still capable of making the big catch--and he proved that Thursday night against the Denver Broncos when he went up and grabbed this pass between two Denver defenders.

Look pretty good?

via Bleacher Report

Why is Angry San Diego Chargers QB Phillip Rivers So Darn Entertaining? [GIFs]

It's no secret that San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers plays the game with just a little bit of emotion. His antics have become the thing of internet legend; fodder for bloggers, haters, and skeptics everywhere. It has become part of the fun in watching the Chargers play. What will Phillip Rivers overreact to next?

Will it be the voices in his head (when he's wearing his helmet)?

via SBNationGIF

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Did Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning Yell at the Crowd/Sideline to STFU? [GIFs]

Late during Thursday night's Denver-San Diego game Peyton Manning appeared to get a little frustrated with the crowd/sideline when he had trouble getting a call made. Even though his Broncos were up by two touchdowns at the time and the game was almost over (and all but over already) it seemed to really frustrate him.

It might have even made him curse >gasp<.