Monday, August 3, 2015

WATCH: New York Jets DB Marcus Gilchrist Comes Out Off Nowhere to Make Awesome Interception

The New York Jets are going to have a solid secondary this season. In fact, is is safe to say that the Jeta are going to be very hard to throw on, and not just because of Darrelle Revis. The group in general they have back there is not half bad, and is likely going to give offensive coordinators fits. if the offense can actually move the ball this season the Jets could be dangerous.

Safety Marcus Gilchrist certainly made his presence felt during team drills at practice Sunday when he made this play on the ball.

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Something Indianapolis Colts Fans Hope to See A Lot of This Year--Andrew Luck to Andre Johnson [VIDEO]

When the Houston Texans decided to let longtime superstar Andre Johnson go it did not take long for him to find a new home with the Indianapolis Colts. His logic for signing with the division rival was simple: he wanted to play with a good quarterback for a change and he wanted to play for a Super Bowl contender.

Andrew Luck is easily the best QB Johnson has ever played with and the Colts are certainly one of the early favorites to make the Super Bowl. It looks like the two are already developing a solid connection during training camp.

WATCH: Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown Warms Up the Audience Before Practice

When it comes to the football season, the players are not the only ones that need a little practice. Antonio Brown knows this so prior to Sunday's workout he decided to give the fans a little workout before taking the field, and directed them through an impromptu cheer practice.

With Brown calling the shots the fans were more than happy to oblige.

This Is The Most Ridiculous And Awesome Soccer Vine I've Ever Seen [VIDEO]

For a game that is called 'beautiful' there certainly is a lot of screwed up things that happen during soccer games all the time. Fans are constantly throwing flares and all sorts of dangerous projectiles onto the field of play. Racist chants are not uncommon, and some players have had bananas thrown at them.

Riots have erupted at countless games, and not a single one could be described as 'beautiful.' What happened during the Argentine first division game between Racing and Belgrano Saturday was freaking awesome.

WATCH: Arizona Cardinals Safety Tyrann Mathieu Looking Impressive Early

Word coming out of the Arizona Cardinals training camp is that the Honey Badger, safety Tyrann Mathieu, is looking pretty impressive. Head Coach Bruce Arians has gone as far as to say that he appears to be back to his old self again. For Mathieu, he says it is nice to have his confidence back after recovering from a serious knee injury limited him last season.

If confidence is what he needs to break on balls and make plays like this one than Arians need to figure out how to make him the most confident man on Earth.

Evan Gattis Blasts Another Home Run For the Astros In Win Over Arizona [VIDEO]

The Houston Astros are doing something no one would have expected them to do at the beginning of the season--win. Actually, they are doing two things no one would have expected. Along with winning the Astros are leading the league in home runs. Yes, the very same team that has been the picture of offense-deficient the last few years is leading the league in home runs.

Sunday against the Arizona Diamondbacks Evan Gattis added to the league leading total (147; Yankess are closest with 140) with home run No. 17 on the season.

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WATCH: Carlos Gomez Hits First RBI-Single For Houston Astros

Carlos Gomez was very close to becoming a New York Met, but at the last minute the Mets backed out of the deal siting health issues.  Houston's doctors didn't see anything to be concerned over and decided to pull the trigger on the deal/ Gomez wasted little time in making a difference with his new club.

In his second game with the club he hit his first RBI-single knocking in a pair of runs.

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Tim Tebow Fans Buy Him And His Entire Party Dinner At LA Restaurant Prior To Training Camp

It certainly doesn't suck to be Tim Tebow. The man is beloved by fans everywhere in spite of his limited success in the NFL. He is so loved that the intense adoration people had for him practically drove him out of the NFL the first time around because no one liked the media circus that followed him around.

This time the circus appears to have moved on, but the love is still there. Prior to training camp he even had a fan buy him and his party dinner at a trendy LA restaurant before he reporter to training camp.

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