Saturday, April 19, 2014

WATCH: Nebraska’s RB Ameer Abdullah Does the Lion King With His Cat

We may be witness to a new trend when it comes to Nebraska football. Prior to the spring game Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini walked the tunnel holding his cat and lifted the feline up high Lion King style in front of thousands before the team ran on to the field.

It appears that the Coach has inspired at least one of his players to honor his kitty cat as well--running back Ameer Abdullah.


Want to See What Happens When You Get Hit in the Face by a 90 MPH Fast Ball? [PHOTO]

This is Delino DeShields Jr. He's a prospect in the Houston Astros farm system, currently playing with the team's Double A club. Word is that he is dangerous on the base paths and has a pretty mean bat too. However, the team is going to have to do without him for awhile.

He got nailed in the face with a 90-MPH fastball Friday. Want to see what his face looked like afterwards?

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Friday, April 18, 2014

Milwaukee Brewers Catcher Martin Maldonado Hits the Cover Off the Darn Ball--Literally!

It's something that coaches at every level of the game tell their players in hopes that they will swing a little bit harder--knock the cover off the ball! It's not something they expect to actually happen. Against the Pittsburgh Pirates Friday Milwaukee Brewers reserve catcher Martin Maldonado took the saying a little more seriously.

He did knock the cover off the ball--literally.

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What Was Reds OF Billy Hamilton Trying to Hit? A Bug? [GIF]

Fifteen years ago no one but the people watching the game at home would have known that Reds outfielder Billy Hamilton was trying to kill a bug with his swing while at bat during Friday afternoon's game with the Cubbies.

Thanks to the internet--we all know.

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GIF: Meet the Cutest and Most Intense Pittsburgh Penguins Fan Ever

Dads everywhere are silently hoping that their toddlers will cheer like this for their team.


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Giants Punter Steve Weatherford 'Tackling' Prom With New Jersey Teen

An annual event is taking place or preparing to take place across the country for high school students. No, its not figuring out what school they are going to or whose party to hit up graduation night. It's prom time. That also means we are going to have kids asking some of their favorite celebs if they will go with them.

New York Giants punter Steve Weatherford was recently asked to go by a Jersey teen.


Louisville Recruit Gets an Assist From His Mom During Derby Dunk Contest [VIDEO]

This may not be an entirely new idea, but it looks pretty darn awesome anyway. Jaylen Johnson was in Louisville Friday for the Kentucky Derby Festival Basketball Classic. The event included a dunk contest where he had a very special person assist him in throwing down a pretty sweet jam.

His mom.

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San Francisco Transit System Accidentally Trolls 49ers Fans

San Francisco 49ers fans have had a lot on their plate this off-season. First there was the rumor that the Browns were trying to trade for head coach Jim Harbaugh. Now Colin Kaepernick is under investigation for sexual assault and Aldon Smith will probably not play much of next season (or at all) because he couldn't handle having to go through airport security like everyone else.

Now this. Their own transit system is trolling them.