Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Who Had The LOL Moment Of The Week--The Miami Dolphins, Oakland Raiders, Or Blake Bortles?

Football is awesome. It makes us happy. It makes us angry, and sometimes it makes us sad.  On a good day, if we are lucky, it can also make us laugh. There is just something about our favorite athletes doing something stupid, by mistake, or even on purpose that can make is laugh out loud.

Sunday there were at least three such moments that were pretty darn funny. There was the attempted onside kick by the Miami Dolphins that it eventually landed in the stands.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Ravens Block Browns Field Goal Attempt; Will Hill Returns Ball 64-Yards For Game Wining Touchdown [VIDEO]

For a game that featured a pair of not so good teams like the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, Monday Night Football was not a bad game. Matt Schaub did what he does, but still played well over all. Josh McCown looked okay till he was knocked out of the game.

Austin Davis came in for him and promptly tied up the game and then got the team in position to attempt a game winning 51-yard field goal--which was blocked and returned 64-yards by Will Hill for the game winning touchdown!

WATCH: Austin Davis--Not Johnny Manziel--Steps In For An Injured Josh McCown And Throws 42-Yard Touchdown!

Johnny Manziel should have been playing the whole game, but since a party was more important than his career he is back on the bench. You would think he would be coming for Josh McCown after McCown was knocked out with an injury, but no--Mike Pettine stuck to his guns and put in Austin Davis instead.

Big mistake? Absolutely not! Just check out the 42-yard touchdown bomb he threw to tie the game:

WATCH: Ravens DL Timmy Jernigan Crushes Josh McCown With Monster Hit

Johnny Manziel was supposed to be starting for the remainder of the season, but after trying to lie about a video that showed him partying like a rock star the team decided to demote him and put old man Josh McCown back in the line up.

The Browns have said they are not shutting the door on Manziel playing this season, and if McCown take a few more hits like this one they may be calling on Johnny sooner rather than later (after they bench Austin Davis of course):

WATCH: Matt Schaub Throws Touchdown Pass To Player In the Right Uniform!

Matt Schaub will forever be tied to the pick-6. When you hold the record with most consecutive games with one that is going to happen. Sure enough--he threw one to Karlos Dansby earlier in the game. However, as much heat as he has gotten over the years he is a good quarterback.

Occasionally he does throw touchdown pass to a guy on his team!

WATCH: Ravens QB Matt Schaub Throws--You Guessed It--A Pick-6 To Karlos Dansby

When the Baltimore Ravens named Matt Schaub their starting quarterback going forward fantasy players across the country probably started checking the Ravens schedule and the waiver wire to see if any of the defenses the Ravens play are available. Why? With Matt Schaub behind center it is only a matter of time before he throws an interception that gets returned for a touchdown.

Sure enough, Browns linebacker Karlos Dansby picked Schaub off in the third quarter and took it back for a touchdown:

WATCH: Browns QB Josh McCown Does His Best Manziel Impression To Keep Play Alive And Throw Touchdown Pass

Josh McCown been in the league a long time and has done a lot of things, but he has never really been known for his footwork. During Monday night's game he certainly showed off some sweet feet when he stepped in to the pocket, but than scrambled to avoid the sack. Jon Gruden likened the play to something one would expect Johnny Manziel to do.

Anyway...while the escape was pretty sweet, the touchdown throw to Marlon Moore was pretty nice too (third career touchdown):

WATCH: Ravens Rookie RB Javorius Allen Splits Pair Of Browns Defenders For A Touchdown

When you are a rookie and you get a chance to start you better take every chance you get to make sure you leave a good impression on the coaching staff. Ravens rookie running back Javorius Allen is getting his chance to start with the season ending injury to Justin Forsett last week. After one half he isn't doing half bad (seven carries for 32 yards; two receptions for 11 yards and a touchdown.

The coaches have to like what they saw when he scored his touchdown (way to split the defenders!):