Sunday, March 29, 2015

Jerry Jones Expects Dez Bryant to Show Up When OTA's Start

DeMarco Murray's departure has caused a lot of commotion in Dallas. What's the team going to do for a running game now? What the heck was Jones thinking letting him go? Darren McFadden? Really? It's caused so much that a very important part of the Cowboys off-season has been temporarily forgotten about.

Dez Bryant's contract.

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Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes is Not Going to Make Same Mistake as WVU's Daxter Miles

West Virginia's Daxter Miles was silly enough to talk trash about the Kentucky Wildcats prior to their Sweet 16 match-up. After the game we found out that his comments did inspire the Wildcats to destroy the Mountaineers as bad as they did. Fans and players alike let Miles have it too.

Wisconsin's Nigel Hayes may not know when his microphone is on, but he does know better than to answer a question that will provide the enemy with bulletin board material.

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Out With the Old and Time For the New for Texas Basketball

Even though Rick Barnes has led the Longhorns to the Big Dance in all but one season since his arrival in Austin in 1998 he is expected to be fired by the University.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Giving Guys a Reason to go to Cancun Other Than On Spring Break [PHOTOS]

Cancun is a pretty cool vacation spot. The beaches are beautiful, the water is awesome, and the booze is plentiful. It's been an incredibly popular spring break destination for years and probably always will be. However, after you get out of college and become too old to pass for someone on spring break it loses some of its luster. You want the craziness, the insanity, and the babes. Without them--why go?

You go because the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are there doing their swimsuit calendar photo shoot!

Lucky Vacationers Play Pick-Up Game With Michael Jordan and Tom Brady [VIDEOS]

As if vacationing in the Bahamas was not awesome enough already. Why you would want to play a game of basketball while on vacation in a tropical paradise is beyond me (when there are swim up bars in the pool and beaches to hang out on), but apparently some folks were getting a game when the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself.

Nothing makes a vacation like being able to say you played basketball with Tom Brady and Michael Jordan!

Someone Actually Have A Problem With Aaron Rodgers Supporting the Badgers?

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and his girlfriend Olivia Munn have been spotted taking in the last couple of Badgers games. He's been playing for the Packers for quite awhile now. It's only natural that he would become a fan of some of the college teams that are from the state he now calls home.

However, it seems that some Twitter trolls are taking issue with the California born Rodgers supporting the Badgers.

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WATCH: Notre Dame's Pat Connaughton With the "Thanks for the Wide Open Lane" Dunk of the Night

Kentucky is a great team. We know that because we have watched them destroy one opponent after another this season. Some guys might even be a little intimidated by them. They might be a little tentative to do some things for fear of not just failure, but looking stupid. Notre Dame's
Pat Connaughton is not one of those guys.

Kentucky gave him a wide open lane so he did what any good basketball player should do. He took advantage of it and slammed one home with authority.

WATCH: Notre Dame's Zach Auguste With the Put-back Slam

Notre Dame has a big task in front of itself Saturday night against the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats. to beat the No. 1 team in the nation the Fighting Irish can't just play any old style of game. They are going to have to play above and beyond whatever they have done this season. They are going to have to play the best team-oriented ball game that they have ever played.

Doing things like following up a missed shot with an awesome put-back slam like Zach Auguste does here is certainly a good sign!

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