Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Texas Rangers OF Nomar Mazara Crushes Longest Home Run Of The Season In Win Over Angels [VIDEO]

This is one of the reasons why I love baseball. Not because home runs are cool or anything like that, but because every year there are players that the average fan has never heard of that comes out of nowhere to become an absolute beast. With just 38 games under his belt, it looks like the Texas Rangers may have a beast in rookie outfielder Nomar Mazara.

Here he is hitting his eighth home run of the season, and the longest by any Major League player this season--491-feet:

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Houston Astros OF George Springer Proves That A T-Rex Would Make A Terrible Wide Receiver [VIDEO]

If your favorite football team could suit up one dinosaur on game days, which won would you want and what position would you have him play? A T-Rex would probably be a popular choice. There are few that are as fierce as the mghty T-Rex, and his intensity alone would probaby scare the heck out of the other time.

Thanks to Houston Astros outfielder george  Springer we now know the T-Rex would make a terrible wide receiver:

Thursday, May 19, 2016

WATCH: Houston Astros OF George Springer Goes All Out To Rob Jose Abreu Of Home Run

The Houston Astros surprised people last season by actually being good. While that was nice, it did one thing--it created expectations. So far, the team has not done a great job of living up to them this year. They are currently sitting the last place in the AL West. However, with a 162-game season, they still have plenty of time to get it together.

With a lot of young talent--like outfielder George Springer who stole a home run from Jose Abreu Thursday night--they could easily go on a hot streak and get into the race.

Monday, May 16, 2016

PHOTO: Why You Shouldn't Host A Baseball Game The Same Night Your City's NBA Team Is Hosting the Western Conference Finals

Because no one will show.

This is a shot at the fans in attendance at the Oakland A's-Texas Rangers game Monday afternoon.


Turkish Fans Try To Burn Down Stadium After Team Gets Relegated [VIDEO]

In case you were not aware--people overseas take their soccer very seriously. Fans have been known to fight with fans of the opposing team before, after, and during games. They throw bottles, flares, and all sorts of crap at their own team when they play poorly. Some fan bases have even taken games hostage until their team gave up the jerseys they were wearing. Fans were tired of them embarrassing the team.

Fans of a Turkish team, Eski┼čehirspor, appeared to try and burn the stadium down after the team as relegated (sent down to a lower level). What's funny isn't that they were doing it, but you can see in the video that no one is trying to put out the fires:

WATCH: Baylor Blows Up What's Left Of Old Stadium

The Baylor Beas have successfully transitioned from college football's doormat to one of the most exciting teams in the game today. The bandwagon has gotten pretty crowded in recent years, but with the trouble Art Briles has had with the "criminal" element many have jumped off. Whether they come back or not may depend on how well the team can do in the coming year. of the cool things about becoming successful is the need for a larger stadium which Baylor now has. So--this meant that someday the old one would have to go. Last Saturday it finally did:

Detroit Tigers Manager Brad Ausmus Covers Home Plate With Jersey After Getting Ejected [VIDEO]

It is not unusual for managers to argue calls or even get tossed for arguing calls. Monday night was certainly not the first time Detroit Tigers manager has argued a call or been tossed for it. However, it is what he did on the way out that was a little different.

Since Ausmus thought the ump could not see the plate(due to some of the calls he had made) he might as well cover it up so no one could see it:

Sunday, May 15, 2016

WATCH: Jose Bautista's Slide Into Rougned Odor And The Bench Clearing Fight That Ensued

The dumbest thing a professional athlete can do (besides smoke pot) is getting into a fight during a game. It is the one way to guarantee you get kicked out of the game and likely suspended for a few more. So not only will it cost you some money, but your team could lose the games your backup plays.

Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor will likely see a suspension for his part in Sunday's brawl with the Blue Jays.