Wednesday, May 27, 2015

WATCH: Steph Curry's Daughter Riley is Too Damn Cute!

Some members of the media got all bent out of shape the last time Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry had his daughter Riley with him at the podium following the game. Those guys are ridiculous chumps. While he is an NBA player he is also a dad. His daughter stayed up to watch him play so like any good dad he hang out with her when he's done playing.

So what if she interrupts questions and makes it harder for him to answer questions. For a change we have an athlete doing the right thing. The media should applaud him, but since he doesn't provide them with scandalous headlines they complain about his adorable kid instead.

Golden State Warriors May Not Want the Start of the NBA Finals Moved Up [VIDEO]

With the Cavaliers sweeping Atlanta and Golden State expected to beat Houston Wednesday night (like they did) the NBA has been rumored to be looking in to seeing what it would take to move the start of the NBA Finals up. However, after the last two games the Warriors may want the week off to heal before the Game One next Thursday.

Steph Curry is not 100 percent after taking a hard fall against the Rockets in Game Four. Wednesday night in Game Five it was fellow splash brother Klay Thompson's turn to get banged up. He got Trevor Ariza to bite on a pump fake, but during Ariza's jump Thompson took a hard knee to the head.

WATCH: James Harden Sets NBA Playoff Record in Closing Moments of Game 5 Loss to Golden State

James Harden's game in this postseason is going to be remembered as a record setting one, but not for a good reason. In Game Five of the Western Conference Finals Wednesday night the Bearded One set a single game playoff record by committing 13 turnovers. No. 13 came during the final moments of the game when he dribbled the ball off of his shoe.

Even if he is not superstitious his teammates will probably want him to make up with Lil B so the rapper will take the Based God Curse off of Harden. To 'prove' the curse is real he attended Game Five. Sure enough, Harden scored a postseason low of 14, hit just 2 of 11 shots, and set a record no one wants to have.

WATCH: Shane Vereen Going Through Drills With the New York Giants

For the first four years of his career Shane Vereen has been one of the many weapons the New England Patriots. While he did look good at times he was never really given the chance to show whether he could be the man. He will have to compete with Andre Williams and Rashad Jennings for carries in New York So he still may not get that chance, but at least he is on a team that is a little more interested in running the ball.

He is already working on making a good impression on his new coaches.

FIFA Official Kept $6000/Month Trump Tower Apartment For His Cats

The soccer loving world was rocked today when a number of officials in the sports governing body, FIFA, were arrested on an assortment of charges related to widespread corruption. From the sound of things a ton of money has been blown on some pretty crazy and ridiculously extravagant living--and very little if any of it legally spent.

One of the biggest abusers, Chuck Blazer, a high-ranking former FIFA and CONCACAF official, turned confidential informant wasted money on all sorts of things including a Trump Tower apartment for his cats.

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WATCH: North Carolina A&T RB Tarik Cohen Makes One-Handed Catch With Both Hands While Doing a Back Flip

Forget Odell Beckham Jr. and his one-handed catches. Forget all the other guys that posted videos of themselves breaking the one-handed catch Guinness World Record. Forget the guy that did a one-handed catch while jumping over another dude. Heck--forget all the guys that are posting videos catching one ball while doing a back flip.

They don't have anything on North Carolina A&T RB Tarik Cohen's video of himself making one-handed catches with both hands while doing a back flip!

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How Far Can the Texas Longhorns Ride Their Pitching Staff into the Postseason?

Heading in to the Big 12 Tournament the Texas baseball team had a tall order ahead of it. To make the NCAA tournament they had to win the Big 12 one.

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PHOTO: Construction on Texas A&M's Kyle Field Has Hit a Slight Problem

It's underwater.

With all the weather in Texas of late the construction on Texas A&M's Kyle Field has had to come to a halt. It looks like when they do start up again the school may need to get a few pumps out to drain what will eventually be the football field. Either that or they could stock it with fish, work around it for now, and charge people to come fishing at Kyle Field. Just a thought.