Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Cincinnati Bengals Wr Mohamed Sanu Makes Crazy Long Basketball Shot From Deck Behind House to Hoop in Driveway

Last season we saw Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver toss a football a pretty long ways during a few football games. As it turns out the former high school basketball player is pretty good at throwing other balls a pretty long ways.

The man has some crazy-Steph Curry style range range on his basketball shot.

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WATCH: Indianapolis Colts Safety Colt Anderson Completes Crazy Big Box Jump

To become an NFL player you have to be a physical beast. Average athletes do not make it in college let alone the NFL. So even the every down players have to be pretty freaking athletic, and probably work as hard if not harder than the starters so they can earn time. Indianapolis Colts free safety Colt Anderson was working out in preparation for the coming season recently and when he was wrapping it up he decided to do something most guys can't do at the beginning of a workout.

Complete a box jump that looks to be as tall as he is.

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WATCH: Dallas Cowboys DB Brandon Carr Goes Ham Lip Syncing Whitney Houston Song

When the Dallas Cowboys paid a small fortune for the services of safety Brandon Carr they thought they were getting one of the better defensive backs in the league; someone that would help shore up the Cowboys secondary for years to come. He hasn't been terrible, but he hasn't been worth the price the team is paying him either.

Carr is determined to put the past behind him and earn his spot this coming season. If he doesn't his lip sync skills aren't too bad although I don't think he can make much doing it.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

PHOTO: Seattle Seahawks Themed Bikinis Are a Must See (as are the babes in them)

Fans will do all kinds of things to show their love and support for their favorite team. What a trio of lovely young female fans did over the weekend in Las Vegas while attending the EDM Festival may get them a few fans. What ever did they do you ask?

The ladies proudly wore some spectacular Seattle Seahawks themed bikinis and shared pictures of them with the world.

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Tennis Champ Caroline Wozniacki and Houston Texans Superstar J.J. Watt Officially a Couple?

In the past Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt has talked about his lack of a dating life saying that he doesn't have time for it right now. He's a little busy being a beast and training to become a better beast on the football field. However, when he was spotted sitting with tennis babe Caroline Wozniacki at the Duke-Wisconsin game during the NCAA Final Four people began to speculate.

Months later it seems that these very same people are no longer asking the question--they are saying it. J.J. Watt and Caroline Wozniacki are a couple.
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WATCH: Miami Marlins 2B Dee Gordon Ends Season Long Home Run Drought With an Inside-the-Park Gem

Miami Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon is not known for his power hitting. However, even though it is not his strong suit ever player likes to hit one out of the park every now and then. Going in to Tuesday night's game against the San Francisco Giants it had been over a full season since the last time Gordon had hit a home run (June 14).

Well--he got a home run against the Giants to end the drought, but he didn't hit it out of the park. No, he did it the hard way with an inside-the-park home run.

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PHOTO: Jim Harbaugh Wears Custom Detroit-Michigan Hat to Throw Out First Pitch at Tigers Game

Jim Harbaugh has already succeeded in doing one thing for the Michigan Wolverines--he has brought back the buzz. For the last few years people have not been talking about Michigan as much, but ever since Harbaugh took over every time he does anything in public people tend to take notice. Sometimes it is because of something he does and sometimes it's because people expect him to do something.

At Tuesday night's Detroit Tigers-Pittsburgh Pirates game Harbaugh was in attendance to throw out the first pitch. Sure enough, he generated a fair amount of buzz, but not because of anything he said or did. It was because of something he wore.

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WATCH: U.S. Midfielder Morgan Brian Has Nasty Head to Head Collision With Germany's Alexandra Popp

The U.S. Women's National Soccer Team played Germany in the World Cup Semifinals Tuesday night in what was expected to be a hard fought match. At one point in the match U.S. midfielder Morgan Brie and Germany's Alaexandra Popp  both went up with the intention of making a header.

However, instead of hitting the ball they ended up hitting each other's heads.