Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Local Pizzeria Offering Up 'Penny a Point' Pizza if Arkansas Can Beat Auburn

Ever since Bobby Petrino left its been tough sledding for the Arkansas Razorbacks. Under John L. Smith they were just 4-8 in 2012 and last year they were not any better at 3-9 under Brett Bielema. The 2014 season is a new year though. With that comes a renewed hope for excellence and success in the coming year.

A local pizzeria has so much hope in the team that they are willing to pay up should the Razorbacks beat the No. 6 Auburn Tigers in their season opener Saturday with 'penny a point' pizza.


PHOTO: Minnesota Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater Thanks Louisville Fans With Full Page Ad in Local Paper

Teddy Bridgewater is not starting yet for the Minnesota Vikings, but his time will come. He knows it, his fans know it, and even his haters do (even they would have to admit that he had a great preseason). For now he is on the bench and bidding his time till the team calls on him.

With the NFL season right around the corner and his former team--the Louisville Cardinals--taking the field this weekend he took out an ad in the local paper to say thanks and wish the Louisville faithful good luck.


Notre Dame's Trick Shot Monday: the Rice Edition [VIDEO]

It's finally here. No more waiting. No more intra-squad scrimmages. It is time for the real thing--college football! First up for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish will be the Rice Owls, but before the Owls something else has to come first.

Trick shot Monday!

PHOTO: Fan's Wife Gets Seattle Seahawks Logo on His Prosthetic Eye For Their 10th Anniversary

There are fans and than there fans--and there is Seattle Seahawks fan Bill VandenBush. Like most Seahawks fans he is quite proud of his team and has enjoyed showing his love for the 'Hawks and after the Super Bowl win he wanted to take it to another level. He had a pretty good idea on how to do it, but he didn't think his wife would go for it.

He wanted to get the Seahawks logo on his prosthetic eye.

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USC Trojans DB Josh Shaw Lie About Rescuing His Nephew?

The USC Trojans are going to have to do without senior cornerback Josh Shaw for the immediate future, and as tough as that may be the reason is something fans can't be mad about. According to Shaw he jumped from a second story balcony to rescue his drowning nephew. In the process he injured both ankles (high ankle sprains) and will be out indefinitely.

Can't be mad at a hero, right? How about a guy that simply did something stupid and than lied about being heroic to cover it up?


San Francisco 49ers Paying Great America to Stay Closed on Game Day

The San Francisco 49ers have a brand new and very expensive stadium that they are going to be breaking in this season, and for them to do properly they are going to need to do whatever it takes to get people to come to the games. Wining will certainly help, but that is not expected to be a problem; it hasn't the last two seasons after all.

To make sure things go well it would behoove the team to take care of the competition along with making the experience as great as it can be for fans. So it did--it'd paying the nearby amusement park Great American to stay closed on game days.

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Door Could Be Opening for Oakland Raiders Rookie QB Derek Carr

When the Houston Texans traded Matt Schaub to the Oakland Raiders fans rejoiced. With his contract there was doubt that they could get anything for him and while a late round pick is not much it is better than nothing. As for Oakland, the general train of thought was they had the immediate answer to the quarterback issues that plagued them.

What? Didn't they watch any of his game film from last season?

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Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant Not Worried At All About His Contract Situation

Over the last couple of seasons Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant has become one of the best in the league--and is only expected to get better. With it being time to negotiate his contract he expects to get paid like it too. The only question is whether Jerry Jones will open up the checkbook enough to satisfy him.

If he doesn't--that's okay.