Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wisconsin Runs the Fake Punt-Jump Pass to Perfection Against Maryland [GIF]

Maryland is not a bad team, but they are no where near being in the same class as Wisconsin. So seeing the Badgers beat the Terrapins down 52-7 is not entirely surprising. With Melvin Gordon in the backfield (122 yards, three TDs) leading the way the Badgers are a tough team to beat.

What was a little surprising however was how easy this fake punt-jump pass was.


WATCH: Kansas State Fans Chant 'We Own Texas'

Going in to Saturday's game against Kansas State in Manhattan the Texas Longhorns had not walked away from the home of the Wildcats a winner in over a decade. While at times in the first half it appeared as if they might have a chance to pull of the miracle upset it just wasn't meant to be as K-State went on to win 23-0.

Towards the end of the game many of the Kansas State faithful in attendance decided to let the Longhorns know how they felt about the visitors:

WATCH: Cal Executes the Perfect Over-the-Top End Zone Dive

These days we do not see too many running backs try to jump over the offensive and defensive lines in order to reach the end zone. Too many times we've seen linebackers meet them at the top and one or both end up getting concussions. Landing on one's head is not a whole lot of fun either and hazardous to a running back's health.

It's just not a good idea to leave your running back so exposed.


Jared Lorenzen and Arkansas HC Brett Bielema Show 350 pound O-Lineman Sebastian Tretola Some Love After TD Pass

From time to time we see our larger than life brothers on the football field do some pretty incredible things. We've seen some monster blocks, some crazy hits, an interception, a nice fumble return, and even some short yardage work on offense running and even catching the ball.

But throwing touchdown passes to the long snapper? No. Not at all. Well, not till now at least.


The One Stat That Will Attract NFL Scouts to Oregon Ducks QB Marcus Mariota [GIF]

In the next draft the talk when it comes to quarterbacks will center around Florida State's Jameis Winston and Oregon's Marcus Mariota. In regards to Winston the talk will likely be whether a team is going to take the high-risk player high in the draft or wait till later. Mariota, on the other hand, could very well be the top pick in the draft thanks to the body of work he has show scouts over the last few years.

Of all the impressive stats that Mariota has accumulated over the years there is one that scouts are going to love.

via @cjzeroOregon

WATCH: Oregon Ducks PR Charles Nelson Puts on a 58-Yard Clinic on Punt Returning

One of the greatest and worst things about the Oregon Ducks program is that when they are playing there is never a dull moment on the field. Yes, some fans may get tired of repeated awesomeness, but most of the football loving free world (possibly fans in the not-so-free world too) never gets tired of seeing what the high-flying Ducks will do next.

For example, if you thought you were going to run to the kitchen for a beer Friday night during a second quarter punt by Cal you would have missed Charles Nelson put on a clinic on how to return punts.


WATCH: Spurs Manu Ginobili Throws a Hard Shoulder and His Victim is Called for the Foul

It pays to be the defending world champions sometimes. That is the only reason why San Antonio Spurs guard Manu Ginobili couldh have had this call go in his favor. How else can you explain what should have been a no-brainer call against him ends up counting against Houston Rockets forward Kostas Papanikolaou?

Seriously ref; how could you screw that one up?


Friday, October 24, 2014

WATCH: San Francisco Giants Pablo Sandoval With the Sweet Bare-Handed Play

The San Francisco Giants are going to have a decision to make after the end of the World Series: Do they re-sign the Kung Fu Panda, Pablo Sandoval, or do they let the popular big man head for greener pastures somewhere else? His numbers are about the same as last season, but they had slipped the previous two.

Anyway...when it comes time to negotiate plays like this one that he made in Game Three of the World Series Friday night will make it hard to pay the man.