Friday, November 21, 2014

WATCH: Kansas City Chiefs TE Travis Kelce Lays Massive Block on Unsuspecting Oakland Raiders Player

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Albert Wilson was hoping that he would win the race to the corner and be able to turn the ball up. He nearly got dragged down by one Raider and would have been taken out by another had Travis Kelce not laid him out.

Well done Mr. Kelcie. Well done indeed.

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WATCH: Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles Shows How Smart a Runner He Is With

Fans had grown accustomed to seeing Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles run wild on teams in recent weeks, but against the Oakland Raiders Thursday night that was not exactly the case. In the end he did have a 122 all-purpose yards and one touchdown, but the Raiders made sure he worked for each yard.

Like he did when he took a short pass from Alex Smith and ran through the Raiders defense. Had he not made use of a couple of down field blocks this touchdown would have never happened.

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WATCH: Kansas City Chiefs DB Kurt Coleman Knocks Raiders RB Latavius Murray Out of the Game

Latavius Murray, an unknown second year back out of Central Florida managed to do what no one else in the league had done this season--score a rushing touchdown. He didn't only score one (a nice little 11-yard run), but two with the second coming on an epic 90-yard run. How epic? It was the longest run of the season.

With their new found running game could the Raiders pull off the upset? They did--but it was without Murray who was knocked out of the game after taking this brutal hit to the head.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

WATCH: Oakland Raiders QB David Carr Throws Game-Winning Touchdown Against Chiefs

It had been over a calendar year since the last time the Oakland Raiders won a game. Since then they have played a whole lot of really bad football, but on occasion they played some good football too (just never enough).

Thursday night though it finally was.

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WATCH: Oakland Raiders Try Real Hard to Help Kansas City Mount a Comeback

You have to hand it to the Oakland Raiders. For the most part they played a real good ball game against the Kansas City Chiefs. They held off the powerful running attack (96 yards on the night) and forced them to pass to get back in the game in the second half. For a time the Chiefs did manage to take the lead in the fourth, but the Raiders managed to retake the lead with under two minutes to go.

It was then that they started playing typical 'Raider Ball' and did whatever they could to help the Chiefs stay in the game.

WATCH: West Virginia Scores Craziest and Luckiest Touchdown of the Season Against K-State

When it comes to putting points on the board teams do not care how it happens. Yes, they would like to methodically work the ball down field and score. Big plays are always acceptable as are defensive points as well. Heck--if they happen to be due in part to blind luck no one is going to care. Six points are six points.

So when this West Virginia touchdown pass was caught after being tipped by a WVU player and Kansas State no one is going to complain.


WATCH: Kansas City Chiefs RB Knile Davis Forget How to Run?

For much of Thursday night's Chiefs-Raiders game Oakland looked like the better team. For much of the first three quarters the Raiders defense was absolutely stifling. It didn't hurt that for some odd reason Knile Davis was bouncing away from wide open holes and in to traffic.

Seriously--WTF Knile?


Duke Punter Will Monday Downs His Own Punt Against UNC [GIF]

How cool would it be to see a punter field his own kick? This season we have seen videos of guys launching a pass down field and running under it to make the catch so it stands to reason that a punter should bee able to do the same thing, right? He'll be able to kick it a lot higher which should give him time to get down field (in theory at least).

Well--Duke punter Will Monday managed to field one of his punts against UNC Thursday night, but it wasn't because he did anything cool.