Thursday, October 30, 2014

How Close was Cam Newton's Diving Touchdown Thursday Night? Want to See? [GIF]

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton has had a little trouble getting on track at times this season. Thursday night's game against the New Orleans Saints was a perfect example. The Saints deserve some credit for playing solid defense, but the bottom line is the man could not hit a receiver to save his life. Tack in a lack of any kind of run game and the Panthers were doomed.

At the start of the second half it appeared as if Newton might get the Panthers going when he capped off a 10-play, 81-yard drive with this beautiful run down the sideline and in to the end zone.


Female Fan's Bloody J.J. Watt Costume is Going to Win a Contest Somewhere! [PHOTO]

As adults when we hit parties and bars for Halloween the costume contests are typically won by one thing--a sexy _____. It doesn't matter what it is. If it shows off her body--and her body is slamming--she wins. That should not be the case wherever this woman hangs out for Halloween.

Allow me to present Bloody Houston Texans Defensive Lineman J.J. Watt:

via Reddit

Should the Doctor's Be Checking Out Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton Here? [GIF]

There is kind of an unsaid rule in football. When you are hurt you can and should suck it up and play. If the pain is so bad it affects your play than you are not hurt--you are injured. That is when you should come out. How can you tell when you are injured and not just hurt?

Spitting up blood can certainly be a sign...


WATCH: The Nail in the Coffin to Louisville's Upset Hopes Against Florida State

For a little over a half it looked like it was going to happen. Florida State was finally going to lose a game. As bad as the first half was for the Seminoles against Louisville Thursday night it did not seem possible for the Seminoles to pull this one out--but they did. The Cardinals imploded, the Seminoles exploded, and FSU walked away a winner.

As bad as the second half was for the Cardinals they were still in it late in the fourth quarter. All they needed to do was stop the Seminoles on 3rd and 6 and they would get the ball back with about two minutes to go.


Redskins Head Coach Jay Gruden Thinking of Starting Colt McCoy Now?

Washington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden has been a happy man this week. Few thought his team could beat the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas with a third string quarterback, but Colt McCoy looked like more like a first string guy as he carved up the Cowboys secondary. Now with Robert Griffin III coming back finally maybe the season can roll on from here and they can still make the post season.

But what if he went with McCoy again for one more week? It couldn't hurt to make sure RG3 is 100 percent, the Vikings are not very tough, and they have a bye week coming up next. It wouldn't be a bad idea...


Dallas Cowboys Should Sit Tony Romo Against the Arizona Cardinals

When you play one the best teams in the league you need your best players on the game, but the Cowboys should consider sitting one this Sunday.

Michigan Going Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness During Indiana Game

To say it has been a tough season for the Michigan Wolverines would be an understatement. The team has struggled, there have been several questionable coaching decisions, attendance is slipping, and many of those in attendance are mad as heck and demanding the head coach and athletic director be fired.

So while it would be easy to see if the program and university were a little preoccupied and didn't do anything to raise breast cancer awareness it is nice to see that they are.


Louisville Cardinals Banning Fans From Wearing Any Kind of Masks at the Florida State Game

Halloween is a great time of year. It's the one time when the most conservative of women will don a naughty costume without thinking twice about it. For the guys, it's a chance to get away with some cheesy costume-related lines. It's also a time for college football fans to turn out in droves at games in costume making the whole game day experience that much more festive and fun.

Folks in Lousiville are hoping the Cardinals fans will do just that Thursday night for the Florida State game, but with one big exception.

via SBNation