Friday, August 29, 2014

WATCH: Syracuse QB Terrel Hunt Punches Villanova Defender as Ref Watches On

There is dumb and than there is dumb--and than there is the play Syracuse quarterback Terrel Hunt made Friday night against Villanova. After getting tackled for some stupid reason he decided to punch the defender across the facemask--with the ref standing just a few feet away watching.

Talk about dumb, right?


WATCH: Jacksonville State Wide Receiver Lands on His Head After Getting Up Ended By Michigan State's Kurtis Drummond

Before Friday's season opener between the Michigan State and Jacksonville State the Gamecocks had to know they were going to be hurting a little more than usual on Saturday. Mismatches like this often mean the underdog is going to be feeling the pain (but grateful for the payday).

Jacksonville State wide receiver Josh Barge is going to really be feeling the pain after landing on his head after taking a hit from Kurtis Drummond.


Arizona State WR Jaelen Strong Giving NFL Scouts Something to Watch Already [GIF]

With the state of the NFL game these days encouraging passing, passing, and more passing it sure pays to be about 6'3" with a good frame, great hands, and the ability to out jump defensive backs foolish enough to oppose you.

You know--like Arizona State's Jaelen Strong.


BYU's Taysom Hill the Next Great Dual Threat Quarterback to Watch? [GIF]

The buzz in college football these days seems to focus on dual threat quarterbacks a lot. These guys are exciting to watch and he bring a lot of attention to their programs, and from the look of things in Friday night's season opener against UConn the BYU Cougars may have a pretty good one on their hands.

His name--Taysom Hill.


Michigan State QB Connor Cook Responds to Low Blow in Best Way Possible [GIFs]

Jacksonville State was not supposed to be real opposition for Michigan State Friday night, and it wasn't. The Spartans got out to a 21-0 lead in the first quarter and pretty much coasted to a 45-7 win over the Gamecocks (wow--bad weekend to be a fan of Gamecocks). Glorified scrimmages like this are meant to help the marquee team work out the kinks.

The only thing that can make games like this bad for the marquee team is if someone vital to the team's success gets hurt.


Temple WR Jalen Fitzpatrick and the Best Catch You Didn't See Thursday Night [GIF]

The majority of the college football loving eyes were focused on the whipping that Texas A&M put on South Carolina Thursday night. While that is understandable--it was a pretty impressive whipping--it meant they missed out on at least one pretty awesome play from another game.

This one by Temple wide receiver Jalen Fitzpatrick had against Vanderbilt.


Houston Cougars New Stadium Not Getting the Welcome Fans Hoped For (so far) [VIDEO]

The Houston Cougars are one of a handful of teams debuting a new stadium this season. Like every other team in existence the hope would be to come out guns blazing for the first game in the new digs and dominate whoever was foolish enough to oppose them.

So far, during Friday night's game against the UTSA Roadrunners that hasn't happened. Instead the team has put on an impressive comedy of errors.

Houston Texans Cheerleaders Want to Take You For a Spin For #FreestyleFriday!

Are you at work right now? Are you kind of bored? Are you wondering what it would be like to be a the gym, step in to a spin class, and find that it had been taken over by the #BabesOnParade, the one, the only Houston Texans Cheerleaders?

Well--wonder no more!