Thursday, September 18, 2014

Eastern Kentucky's Football Intro is Straight Out of a Science Fiction Movie [VIDEO]

At first thought you might think 'Eastern Kentucky--who cares?' It's not like they are a big school or anything--and that's true. What they are is a small school that plays it smart. Their schedule is full of other FCS teams and Florida. So since they don't get spanked twice a year by a power house they may not be familiar to a lot of fans.

But if they are able to generate players straight off a cyborg assembly line like in their intro video maybe they should play more of the big boys....

Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffrey Latest Player to Make Stock Deal With Fantex

On draft day Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffrey was among the firstr three receivers taken in just about every league in existance (or the ones not full of idiots at least). Should he have a year similar to last season's breakout campaign (89 receptions, 1421 yards, seven touchdowns) he is going to help a number of people win their leagues.

If you buy stock in him when he signs his monster contract in the off-season he could help you make a decent chunk of change too.


Houston Texans DL J.J. Watt: We Are Not All Brutes

The NFL is undergoing easily one of the worst PR moments in recent history with the recent cases of domestic violence and alleged child abuse. With the media taking advantage of the controversies and the NFL's inability to appropriately deal with them to sell papers and generate page views something very important has been overlooked.

While many of these guys are freaking huge monstrous people that could bruise us if they looked at us too hard they are for the most part alright guys.

Looks Like San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick Did Use Some Naughty Language After All [VIDEO]

One of the new things that the NFL's referees are supposed to be focusing on this season is the language used on the field in hopes that potential scuffles caused by trash talk will never happen. Being told 'you suck' just doesn't have the same bite as 'you f***** suck you stupid *** *****.'

Good idea? Eh--sounds kind of silly, but don't tell Colin Kaepernick that. He became the first guy flagged for it last Sunday.


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Short Film San Francisco 49ers TE Vernon Davis is in Made it to the Final Round of Project Greenlight [VIDEO]

Remember that silly clip for a movie starring 49ers tight end Vernon Davis as a superhero named Captain Torpedo? Well--as it turns out ole Vernon may have a future in acting. The clip was submitted to HBO's Project Greenlight, a documentary about novice directors looking for a shot at the big time.

The judges must like what they see because it is now one of the finalists in the contest.

The Team With the Most Expensive Beer in the NFL is--the Oakland Raiders!

Have you ever wondered why some of the fans of the Oakland Raiders dress up in the crazy outfits that they do? Those things--those things are not what normal folks think of, right? Some of these things have to scare small children! There must be a reason for it....

...and it might be simpler than you think!


Texas Rangers Pitcher Nick Tepesch Threw 400 MPH Against Oakland? That's What the Radar Gun Said...

Sometimes under extreme circumstances people are capable of doing things that people refer to as 'super-human.' There are all sorts of stories about mom's going beast mode and lifting trucks off of their babies, but that is truly an extreme circumstance. Pitching for a team that has been out of playoff contention for sometime does not qualify as such.

So how in the world did a so-so pitcher like Texas Rangers Nick Tepesch throw 400 MPH against the A's in Oakland Tuesday night?


Former Texas Longhorns Coach Mack Brown Thanks David Ash and Wishes Him Well

It was something that looked obvious from the outside looking in when David Ash sat out most of last season with symptoms of a concussion, but he was eventually deemed healthy and was supposed to be the man for the Longhorns this season. Another concussion in the team's season opener made it painfully clear what had to happpen next.

David Ash had to stop playing football.

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