Sunday, December 23, 2012

76ers Coach Doug Collins Treats Crowd to McD's

Doug Collins is not just a heck of a coach, but he's also a heck of a guy.

Saturday night the coach opted to do the right thing and had Evan Turner run out the clock with 23 second left and a 99-80 lead for the Philadelphia 76ers over the Atlanta Hawks. Rather than be happy they were going to notch another win, the fan base was upset with the coach.

Why? They wanted some free McDonald's food.

It's a pretty common promotion. A lot of arenas will have a deal with a local eating establishment to offer free something should the home team clear a 100 points. For Philly fans it happens to be with the Golden Arches.

Knowing that the people wanted their burger, Collins still insisted that Turner run the clock out. There was no need to run the score up and disrespect the Hawks like that.

The Philly fans could care less about sportsmanship though; they wanted a free burger and they let Collins know about it. Rather than let the fans go home hungry (and happy about the win), Collins earned the coolest coach in the NBA award (if it actually existed) by buying the home crowd Big Macs.

Yes, the whole home crowd.

Well done Mr. Collins. Well done. The fans will love you. The employees of the McDonalds they all go to will hate you, but the fans will love you. You bought them food.

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