Thursday, December 20, 2012

Da Coach, Mike Ditka, a Packers Fan?

I have to give the site a lot of credit. They seem to have a knack for finding some great material to antagonize their greatest enemy--the Chicago Bears.

It was bad enough when a pint-sized Packers fan in a Clay Mathews jersey did the ole discount double check on Staley, the Bears mascot. It had to sting when photos of a guy wearing a special Jay Cutler jersey made the rounds on the internet. This time they have crossed the line. They have taken a dull stake and stabbed it into the hearts of Bears fans everywhere.

They claim that Mike Ditka is a Packers fan.

Here's the quote in question:
“...Now, I’m a Packer fan too — for one reason. First of all, I love the coach, he’s from Pittsburgh. But Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in football — without question. He gets it, he understands, he’s a class act. He’s a great leader. I hope they give him a little more protection than they’re giving him right now or he’s going to get his (expletive) busted.”
To be fair, he is a commentator now; those guys shouldn't be held to supporting one team and one team only. They have to talk about every team in the league at one time or another so it is only natural that  they could grow an affinity for another team.

Also--in the interest of fairness--Da Coach did preface his love of the Packers by reaffirming his love of Da Bears:
“I’m still a Bear fan. I got a right to be a Bear fan. We won two championships in the last 60 years — I played on one and coached the other one. So I got a right. I’ll always be a Chicago Bear...”
So while he is and always will be a Bears fan he is now a Packers fan too.

Is there a Bears site out there that can respond to this? Come on guys! It's bad enough they win on the gridiron all the time, but don't let them win the trash talk too!

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