Thursday, December 13, 2012

The NBA Takes Centers Off the All-Stat Ballot; Dwight Howard Says Change it Back (DID YOU SEE THAT?)

(The good folks at the NOC YouTube channel are at it again!)

If you thought is has been hard to find an NBA center worth drafting in your fantasy league in recent years you are not alone. The NBA doesn't appear to think too much of the traditional position either. How else can you explain the league taking the spot off the All-Star roster and replacing it with "front court" instead?

All-Star balloting will now call for three front court and two back court players with the idea being that the game has evolved to where teams don't always use the spot for it anymore; the game has evolved. it could also be that the men that play it well are now few and far between.

Let's be real here folks. It takes a lot for guys like Dwight Howard, Yao Ming (in his day),Shaq, Greg Ogden, etc., to do what they do and in many cases is cause for injuries (like what ended the career of Ogden before it even started). With a lot of teams going for speed in transition the body of  a true center is going to go threw hell.

Anyway...I digress...

Dwight Howard will have nothing to worry about when it comes to the All-Star voting, but his fellow centers may not be so lucky. In fact, if the All-Star game ditches the position what's to say that the league in general will not?

Dwight doesn't like the notion so along with the good folks at the NOC channel he made a public service announcement asking for help to do something very  special and very near and dear to his heart:

Save the Centers.

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