Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Cowboys Jay Ratliff Arrested for Drunk Driving

You would think that after a teammate died because he was riding with another teammate who was drunk and got in a wreck that maybe--just maybe--a lesson might have been imparted onto some of the Dallas Cowboys.

Well, if any of them did learn anything from the tragedy that took the life of Jerry Brown they must not have been hanging out with nose tackle Jay Ratliff Monday night/Tuesday morning. To make matters worse, Ratliff also got in an accident. He crashed into an 18-wheeler.

As far as the media has reported so far there have been no injuries. Ratliff was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and later released on bond.

What makes this incident shocking is that Ratliff likely knew Brown and Josh Brent, who is facing manslaughter charges for the accident that killed Brown, are both defensive linemen like Ratliff. More than likely Ratliff knew both of these guys well. He was probably friends with them.

If anyone should have been affected by the tragedy earlier this season it should be him. As my old finance professor, the late Art James, used to say: stupid, stupid, stupid!

I'm sure that is something Jay is going to hear a lot in the next few days.

Ratliff is starting to gather a rather impressive track record of bad decisions. Earlier this season he got in the face of team owner Jerry Jones. Things got heated enough that people felt the need to physically seperate the two.

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