Tuesday, February 12, 2013

350-Pound Man Mountain of a High School Running Back Can Move

Look! There in the backfield! It's a bird (a really big one! It's a plane (a friggin' airbus)! No--it's a 350 pound running back?

Yes, sports fans, it is true in Hawaii there is a big man that has decided to get the glory himself rather than let some skinny little running back get all the credit for his work on the offensive line.

David Fangupo is a 350 pound running back/defensive lineman for the Kealakehe Waveriders is not a Hawaiin version of William 'the Refrigerator' Perry that just gets put in on goal line packages to block but a legitimate running back with wheels.

The man mountain rushed for 534 yards last season averaging more than seven yards a carry (MaxPreps). I imagine he got that far if he tripped as soon as he took the hand-off! The man even had a 65 yard run for a touchdown.

He is an unconventional running back, but if you have someone that big that by some miracle actually has speed to he makes for an interesting option in the backfield. It would be surprising to see him actually play college ball as a running back, but when he lines up for Hawaii next season I guess we'll find out.

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