Wednesday, February 27, 2013

8th Grader Alabama Offered Scholarship Deserves It

When I first heard about Alabama offering an 8th grade kid a scholarship I thought they were nuts. It reminded me of Lane Kiffin pulling a similar stunt not too long ago, except I thought Nick Saban was a genius and not crazy.

As it turns out the man is a crazy genius.

Calling the 8th grader, Dylan Moses, a division I college prospect may be a bit presumptuous and early, but the tale of the tape does not lie. The kid is in junior high and weighs 200+ and stands at least 6-feet tall (I've heard some reports say 6-foot 1-inch or 2-inches), and runs a 4.4 seconds 40-yard dash.

And he is just in 8th grade. He has a lot of growing still to do.

Since all they can do now is make a verbal commitment (LSU is also in contention) the school is in a win-win situation. Should he grow as hoped he will be an absolute beast. Should he not grow anymore and want to take mime classes they can easily withdraw the offer.

At his height and weight its a pretty safe gamble.

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