Monday, February 25, 2013

Alabama's Barrett Jones is White-- Not Black (take notes if you need to NFL)

A.J. McCarron knows who Barrett Jones is!
You would think that the NFL, with it being a $9 billion+ industry, could do the little things right. It makes enough money to hire people. Since working for the NFL would be super cool to many, the supply of unpaid interns at the NFL's fingertips has to be virtually endless as well.

So with all the resources at the hands of the biggest professional sports league in the United States you would think that it would do the little things right or at least have enough over sight to catch mistakes like what happened to Alabama center Barrett Jones.

The 6-foot 5-inch 310 pound white guy from Memphis, Tennessee, was being depicted by the NFL to be someone other than himself:
The NFL of course fixed the error once it was brought to their attention. No word yet on whether anyone tried to fix an "error" on their 40 time or in the broad jump.

Hey, you never know. When it comes to multi-million dollar contracts guys will do all sorts of things to get ahead, and if something worked once (all be it incidentally...) it could work again!

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