Sunday, February 17, 2013

Check Out Russell Westbrook's Shoes for the All-Star Game

Few players are as fashion forward as the young star of the Oklahoma City Thunder, but when it comes to the style of Russell Westbrook--well, nothing should surprise people.

The shoes basketball players wear are always something of interest to fans, and these kicks that Russell Westbrook is supposed to be wearing tonight will generate some discussion for sure. That's probably what he is counting on though since he is wearing them to bring attention to his charitable foundation, the Why Not? Foundation.

I'm a little curious as to why he choose such a unique name. I do like that he just didn't name it after himself. I've always thought that players were letting their egos take control when they did that (but then again their name does bring attention to the cause so I guess its okay).

Russell doesn't have a website yet (the URL just says coming soon), but his organization is only a few months old so that is understandable. From what I can tell it was kick-started with a Thanksgiving feast for the needy last holiday season. He helped make a few wishes come true for local kids in Oklahoma City at Christmas Time as well.

So when you are watching the All-Star game Sunday night and you are wondering what the **** Russell Westbrook is wearing on his feet now you know (what and why).

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