Monday, February 11, 2013

George Karl Punk'd the Sports World with Fake Trade Rumor

You have learned well George Karl. 
What in the world is wrong with sports these days? I swear! If I didn't know better I would think this was the Year of the Rat since so many people are telling on themselves and/or their teammates.

The latest rat to come out of nowhere is Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl. For some stupid reason he thought it was a good idea to come clean about a little rumor he started many years ago.

Apparently as the trade deadline approached one season years ago, he and some other coaches (he refers to the as coaching pals so I assume they could be head coaches of other teams) thought it would be funny if they could start the craziest trade rumor possible and get it in the news.

"We make up some trade that never was proposed in 100 years and suddenly it's on ESPN," he said, smiling. [SLAM]

I get it George. To try and pull one over on the media would be pretty funny; apparently you succeeded so I guess you know what it was like. Those guys do all sorts of things to you so it must have felt like poetic justice.

The thing is they didn't get hurt in it. They didn't even look funny. They reported what they thought was news to the fans. So in essence the only people that were really affected by the rumor were the fans.

Now I know the first thing that your supporters are going to say. They are going to remark on how the rumor was absurd  so absurd that there is no way that it could ever be carried out--so what fan worth his/her salt would fall for it?

Well, if you only want the die-hards watching you are going to lose a lot of fans. Teams do crazy/stupid trades all the time too, so how are we supposed to know?

We don't, but that's why we watch ESPN and the other sports programs that are on; so we can know, but I guess that doesn't matter to you George.

For shame George. For shame. I'm glad to know you've been a good, honest boy for the last 7-8 years, but for shame none the less.

I have to wonder if David Stern is going to have something to say about this.

[Ball Don't Lie]
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