Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Iowa State Fans Embarrass Team and University

There seems to be a disturbing trend among sports fans these days. It doesn't matter what sport or even what level. The same concept applies to some folks at pee wee games, junior high and high school ones, and especially college and professional.

Sportsmanship is almost a thing of the past.

I get it. Your team lost. The other team played dirty or the referees blew the call. It was not your team's fault. The other team played dirty or unfair. They cheated.

Somehow when the game ended your team was on the wrong side of the scoreboard and that makes you mad. Since your mad about the outcome of a game--a game people--it is okay for you to threaten the lives of over people, verbally assault them, and disparage their good name when all they did was win.

That is pretty much the tale of the tape for fans of the Iowa State Cyclones. After losing an incredible game 108-96 in overtime Monday that was marred by some questionable officiating several fans reacted in the worst way possible.

Many fans threw trash on the court, but that was not the worst of it. A middle-aged fan charged after Kansas  coach Bill Self after his post game interview, getting shoulder to shoulder and yelling at him before police were able to pull him away.

Now let's think about this for a moment. Was it his fault that the ref did not make the call against Elijiah Johnson late in the game? Did he tell him not to? Is that even an option?

Did Bill Self do anything other than what he was supposed to as a coach? No--so why charge him? He didn't do anything illegal.

His wife looks proud. Photo by Nick Krug

Then there were these tweets that were made about Johnson and the rest of the team.

I thought about embedding them here; probably would be good for retaining readers, but its the kind of hateful crap that I just couldn't bring myself to waste time on. If you want to see them follow this link.

Let me warn you--the language is inappropriate and these guys talk about stepping on to the team bus with a gun and a bunch of bullets.

Come on man! Don't we have enough shootings these days that to even threaten to do it is a bad idea? Have a little taste man!

Folks, this is a game. The kids choose to play just like you choose to watch. If you don't like the outcome don't go back. The violence and the threats to players and coaches though is just ridiculous, childish, and an absolute embarrassment.

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