Friday, February 22, 2013

Is Smoking Jay Cutler--Smoking? Maybe...

I was a little slow to get with the fad, but I love these memes that you can find all over the internet now. The dancing kid that is happy to get the t-shirts of the losing team? Funny. Anything with the most interesting man in the world from the Dos Equis commercials? Good stuff.

Pretty much anything with Homer Simpson, Peter Griffin, or the robot from Futurama cracks me up (oh--and   ones that make fun of Manti Te'o and the fake girlfriend thing too).

With my favorites there is no chance that life will ever imitate art. Last I checked animation can't become real (not without a whole lot of chemically induced help). However, there is one meme that appears to be real after all--

The Smoking Jay Cutler!

Maybe that's not a pack of cigarettes in his hand, but it sure looks like it could be. Why else would he look so grumpy about getting busted by paparazzi if he was doing something harmless?

I guess it could be a pack of gum, but it's a lot more fun to think it's something else!

[Terez Owens]
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