Monday, February 18, 2013

Josh Hamilton Burns a Few Bridges to Texas

It is hard for fans to see their favorite players change uniforms. The only thing that can make it worse is when their hero says things that are not nice about their former team.

In an interview on Monday former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton did not exactly throw Rangers fans under the bus, but he was not very complimentary about the community he played in for the last five seasons when he called the fan base spoiled and claimed that the Dallas area was not a true baseball town.

During his interview it sounded as if he might be holding a grudge for the way he was treated the last half of the season in 2012. His production had fallen off, but there were rumors that Hamilton was having trouble dealing with his addcition to chewing tobacco.

That may sound silly to most people, but when you consider the addictive personality of Hamilton it becomes more understandable. Many fans didn't except that as an excuse, and by time the final game rolled around boos were common for the former AL MVP.

His popularity wasn't helped when the perception the media presented was that he did not give the Rangers a chance to match what the Angels offered.

There will be some that will not care about his comments. They'll see them for what they are; the opinion of someone that plays for another team now. With Texas infamous for being a football loving state and the Dallas Cowboys in town there will be some that will say he is right.

On the other hand, there are bound to be many more that will not appreciate being called 'spoiled' and essentially a fair weather fan. They'll see his barbs as further proof of his betrayal even though he prefaced them by saying it wasn't everybody.

When he takes the field in Arlington wearing an Angels uniform for the first time it will not be everybody that boos him.

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