Friday, February 22, 2013

LeBron James and Fiance Savanah Brinson on the Outs?

The man is on fire on the basketball court. With the way he is playing he is an almost lock to win the MVP--and the season has plenty of action still to come!

Nothing is going wrong professionally for the man, but when something seems to be going so right in one area of life how often does that mean that another area suffers? That appears to be the case for LeBron.

Rumor has it that he and his longtime girlfriend may not be getting married after all. LJ rang in the New Year with a proposal (she said yes), but it appears as if things may have gone south now after that step was taken.

There is no definitive proof just yet, but her failure to appear at a couple of key events in this season have led to speculation that there is trouble brewing for the couple. At the All-Star game she was no where to be seen and she was the only spouse/significant other not to make the trip to the White House.

As far as the All-Star game goes, I wouldn't read anything into that. For most players it is a big deal, but lets be real--for LeBron it isn't. It would be a big deal if he was not at the All-Star game. Who knows what reason she may have had (let's give her the benefit of the doubt for now), but she knows she'll have a chance to go next season.

Heck, LeBron could probably skip the next three seasons and probably still get voted in.

Missing the White House visit makes me wonder though. That's a pretty big deal. LeBron's reaction when he  helped present a jersey to the President is proof of that. The only logical explanation for her not being there would be a family tragedy (which they would have announced; or someone would have spilled the beans on) or she and LeBron are having issues.

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