Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mark Cuban Gets Under the Skin of the Lakers With Kobe/Amnesty Talk

Mark Cuban is one of those guys that you either love or hate. The guy is brash, often loud, and definitely very opinionated. He is also extremely successful, earned his way to the top through hard work, and just wants to protect his investments (hence yelling at referees so much).

Whatever your opinion of Mark Cuban is there is one thing that is for sure--love him or hate him, when he talks people listen. Maybe they will get another reason to hate him. Maybe they will hear something refreshing and insightful (yes, I typed that with a straight face). Maybe he'll just be entertaining.

The point is--you will listen.

Maybe that is why he decided to take a poke at the Los Angeles Lakers recently when he suggested that they consider using the amnesty clause on Kobe Bryant and cut the aging superstar next season rather than pay him another $30 million:

In all fairness to Cuban, he didn't try to present the idea as if it is the way the Lakers need to go or even should go. He stated simply as a hypothetical to debate when you consider Kobe's contract, his age, the current salary of the Lakers, and then adding a max contract for Dwight Howard.

That didn't stop the Lakers from getting bent out of shape anyway (see video).

Lakers fans will probably claim that the team was not rattled by Cuban's talk, but lets be real here folks. If it didn't bug the team they would have never wasted time responding.

The Mavericks owner was not trying to do anything other than to make for an interesting show and possibly get under the figurative skin of the Lakers franchise some--a team that happens to be a game ahead of his in the playoff hunt and struggling to find an identity all season in spite of a talent laden roster.

Mission accomplished Mark. Mission accomplished.

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