Saturday, February 9, 2013

Miami Marlins Fans in No Hurry to Buy Tickets


After bringing in some high-priced free agent talent, opening a new stadium (of which the tax payers footed a lot of the bill for), and changing their name from the 'Florida' Marlins to the 'Miami' Marlins hopes were high. Instead what they had was the team's worst season this millennium.

To make mattes worse, the team basically sold the farm for peanuts to the Blue Jays in a horrible trade making the chance that this season will be any different pretty slim.

So what is an unhappy fan to do? What they don't do is show up at the team's winter event to buy tickets for the coming season! The above picture was taken of the 'line' waiting to buy tickets 30 minutes prior to them going on sale.

What we don't know is how many people eventually showed up or if more arrived prior to or after tickets went on sale, but it looks pretty bad nonetheless. Whether it was planned and organized or it just happened that way the message was great.

Professional sports team owners seem to think that fans will show up for anything; that they don't need to sweat putting a quality product on the field. For the most part they have bee right. No matter what owners do, no matter how much they hike up the price of anything and everything, the fans keep coming.

Just not in Miami.

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  1. Kevin Kouzmanoff gonna hit some homers in this park, just like he did at sea level in Petco.