Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ravens Jacoby Jones to be on Dancing With the Stars

Jacoby Jones, the wide receiver and return man for the Baltimore Ravens, is going to have a chance to join some pretty rare company. If all goes well for him he will something in common with Emmit Smith, Hines Ward, and Donald Driver in the near future.

He could even do something that the great Jerry Rice was not able to accomplish or that Michael Irvin failed at doing.

I'm talking about win a Super Bowl trophy and Dancing With the Stars of course!

Jones was announced as the first contestant on the next season of the hit show during a commercial played during the Academy Awards Sunday night. The rest of the cast will be announced on Good Morning America on Tuesday.

The bar was set pretty high by guys like Hines Ward, Emmit Smith, and Donald Driver as guys who have won both illustrious competitions. Over the years the NFL has had a number of current and former players on the show. Some had moves; some not so much.

As long as he does better than the linemen (Jason Taylor, Lawrence Taylor, and Warren Sapp) and the quarterback (Kurt Warner) he should be able to show his face in camp next season!

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