Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rob Gronkowski Off Oscars Duty?

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is not shy. The man is known almost as much for his over the top, hard-partying personality as he is for his skill on the football field. That's probably why the Rich Eisen Podcast wanted him as its Oscars correspondent on the red carpet this Sunday.

The big man would have no trouble approaching anyone. Heck, half the time they would probably be semi-star struck and approaching him instead.

We will not find out though. The Gronk has been replaced. Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed will be the ma on the red carpet for Rich Eisen instead.

It comes as kind of a surprise that Gronkowski is getting replaced here. His persona has to be good for Eisen which leads me to believe that this decision had to come from the Gronk and not Eisien.

I doubt that he made the call completely on his own though. Since the Super Bowl he has been making the news for all the wrong reasons: more hard partying (someone please show this man how to dance), wrestling with his buddy even though he has a broken arm, being offered $3.75 million to do a sex scene--the outlandish and crazy just seems to follow this guy.

The press had been skewering this kid. Many former players had come out saying someone needs to reign him in. Recently he as seen at an amusement part wearing a shirt that said 'Sorry for Partying.' Now he's quitting the Oscars.

Someone must have gotten to him.

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