Sunday, February 10, 2013

Texas A&M’s Recruiting Will Be Even Better Come April

Tebowing? Manziel-ing!
Texas A&M’s Recruiting Will Be Even Better Come April: Frank Sinatra used to sing the best is yet to come, and that is exactly the case when it comes to recruiting for the Texas A&M football program.

On Wednesday congratulations rained down for Head Coach Kevin Sumlin and the Texas A&M Aggies. The team is not losing a lot of players to graduation and the NFL, but it is losing some in key positions. To make matters worse, now that the world has seen Johnny Manziel and the A&M offense at work the Aggies will not surprise anyone.

The key to success next season and quite possibly the near future was going to be realized on Wednesday, National Signing Day, when the top recruits from around the country put pen to paper and let it be known where they were taking their considerable talents to.

A&M did well and Sumlin made sure to reload as best he could at key positions like defensive line and linebacker (where they are losing the most players; he signed six of each). The Aggies also brought in five defensive backs—three of them four-star recruits-- to help out a unit that is losing both safeties...(for full story click on link)

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  1. So....Nick Saban and the Stoops brothers were "surprised" by A&M's offense? I believe they do have video equipment in Tuscaloosa and Norman. Probably works, too.

    The only team that can claim to be surprised is Florida. And A&M...they were running about a quarter of their Cotton Bowl offense that first game.

    1. Sorry; I actually replied to the email I got a couple days ago thinking it would post here, but it obviously did not. response:

      It's a blanket statement man, come on. No one knew who Manziel was; heck, the only thing he was known for was getting arrested.

      With all the soft competition--that every big program schedules--and close games to the okay SEC teams like Ole Miss I'd say the only person who was not surprised was Stoops.

      Saban likely didn't care about this upstart Aggies team with this freshman QB. They were Alabama; they don't care about anyone because they are the team to beat. So the fact that they were unable to contain Manziel means he and the Aggies were still a surprise at that point to him (otherwise they would have game planned better).

      Florida wasn't even a great game for Manziel. He showed promise, but he got shut down in the second half.

      It wasn't till the Alabama game that the Aggies really proved that they were a force to be reckoned with and that was pretty late in the season.

      So thanks for your comment--sarcasm and all--but I stand behind what I said 100 percent.