Friday, February 15, 2013

Titus Young Cut by Rams for Being Titus Young

When the news broke that the St. Louis Rams had picked up Titus Young, the young, brash, talented, but raw wide receiver it was met with mixed reviews. Yes, Young has potential, but at the same time to be so willfully destructive to his own team when he wasn't getting his own way was a bit much.

You had to wonder why anyone would willingly bring that kind of influence to their team. Not that every player in the NFL is well-mannered and nice as can be. However, if there was a coach that could handle/rehabilitate Young it would be Jeff Fisher (or Bill Belichick, but the Patriots are not biting).

Whether Fisher thought he could work with Young or not is irrelevant now; the Rams have let Young go barely a week and a half after picking him up. According to reports, the team did not have the time (or simply didn't do it) to do an adequate background check on Young prior to picking him up.

After they did it appears that they found a few things they didn't like so they waived him.

Even though the Rams are thin at wide receiver it appears that they are going to draw the line at a guy that punches teammates, tanks games, and bashes the team via social media (like Young did).

At this point the Patriots might be the only option left for Young. Belichick is known for turning around even the biggest headcases (i.e. Randy Moss). If the Patriots let both Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd go as is being rumored they'll need someone other than Logan Mankins to line up in the slot.

It's a long shot, but when you are as self destructive as Young has been without having a track record of success to fall back on it might be all he has.

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