Sunday, February 10, 2013

Usain Bolt Loses?

That headline splashed across the World Wide Web Saturday night sending a shock wave of sorts. Usain Bolt lose? So is he no longer the world's fastest man?

As it turns out, the title was a little misleading. While Bolt did indeed lose a race, it was in a 400 meter race, not the 100M or 200M that he is the world record holder in.

He came in third in the 400M of the Camperdown Classic in Kingston, Jamaica. Bolt likes to run in the 400 some at the start of the season to improve his endurance.

So don't sweat it speed demons. He is still the fastest man on the planet. For those that feel the need for speed enjoy the above video of Bolt doing what he does best during the London Olympics last summer.

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  1. Well, he's the fastest man on the planet if you think the 100 and 200 are the best measure. I think the 400 is the best measure of speed!

  2. Oh Dan. Figure a track coach to say something like that!

    If you want sustained speed I would agree with you, but otherwise I think I would side with the popular opinion that the 100M is the best measure.