Saturday, March 23, 2013

Adrian Wilson Needs to Send a Few More Boxes of Diapers

Adrian Wilson is one of the top acquisitions for the New England Patriots this off-season.Like many vets tend to do, he has become attached to the number he has worn for years--24.

Totally understandable; lots of guys do.

But when he got to the Patriots that number already belonged to Kyle Arrington. Now it is not unusual in case like this for guys to buy the number from someone. What was unusual was the 'currency' that was used.


Wilson promised a year's worth of diapers to the soon to be first time papa, Arrington, in return for the number. Recently he tweeted a picture of the diapers prior to sending them out.

The idea is different, but a useful one. As a proud papa myself I can appreciate how having a mound of diapers can help.

However, if Adrian is serious about a year supply he is way off. For one, the kid will not be in the 3s for the first year; probably not the 2s either (but maybe; I can't remember how fast mine grew out of them).

Even if all the boxes in the picture were the right size that would only cover about 2-3 months. Little ones poop an pee a lot Adrian. A whole lot.

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