Sunday, March 31, 2013

Andre Iguodala Looking For More Money; to Test Free Agency

The Denver Nuggets have quietly been playing some of the best basketball in the league this season. I say quietly only because the Miami Heat and their winning streak along with other story lines like the trouble the Lakers have been dealing with, the San Antonio Spus shaping up for another championship push, and a few other story lines have really dominated the media.

Denver has had a 15-game winning streak of its own this season, has a record of 50-24, a at the worst wil be the No. 5 seed come post season time.Yet with the team playing very well  and looking like a serious challenger one of its stars, Andre Iguodala, is looking to possibly leave the team.
"Players get like $50, $60 or $70 or $80 (million over multiple years), whatever the number was, they gave up a big number (in an option season by opting out), but in the grand scheme of things, pretty much get it back. You got security.''
This is one of those times where we are reminded that the NBA, just like every other league, is a business. Iguodala is set to make just over $16 million next season--a pretty tidy sum if you ask me--and he is looking for more.

I do get it. The game is a business, and these guys do have to look out for No. 1. When they are already making a pretty nice sum like Iguodala is it would be nice to see them actually show as much concern for putting together a championship team.

Even though it is a business, it is still a game first.

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