Friday, March 1, 2013

Baylor Bears Football Doing the Stanky Legg

When I first heard about this story I expected it to be more something like this:

But with current Baylor Bears since it is about the team having fun after a winter workout. Instead it was more about an old white guy trying to do what those crazy kids do with the Twitter (I am an old white guy so I can say that).

Baylor head football coach appears to have joined the Twitter universe recently, and this was one of his first tweets--in case folks were wondering what the guys did at the end of practice.

What I find more interesting is the possibility that we could have our next internet craze here (unless it already was and I am waaaaay behind). The move is easy, the tune is catchy, with over 11 million hits on YouTube the song by the GSBoyz must be popular:

From what I can see on YouTube there are already plenty of fan videos doing the move; it would not be a stretch for this to turn into the next thing with a few college teams doing videos...maybe a pro team or two...or a frat...

Sadly, at this time I can't find any video of the alleged dance off that the Baylor Bears football team had at the end of the workout session last Tuesday. I find it hard to believe in this day and age of video cameras on everyone's phones that there is no video footage of this.

Someone has to have it; whoever you are please upload to YouTube at will--the world awaits.

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