Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bikini Babe and Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Brian Hartline

What can we take from the photo below of Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline and a rather bodacious babe in a bikini taken in Antigua? Hmmm....

1. It doesn't take an elite athlete to make it in the NFL.
2. Brian believes in curls. Just not ones done in the gym.
3. The Dolphins are fixing to pay that $6 million a year?
4. She is clearly into him for the money (if at all).
5. It pays in more ways than cash to be an NFL wide receiver.
6. SEC quarterbacks are not the only guys that get the babes.
7. Jealous? Me? Absolutely.
or 8. and the most likely answer on the list barring an official announcement by Hartline:

Absolutely nothing. She just happens to be a fan/friend that happened to recognize/know him and someone took a picture.

[Juan Elway]
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