Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brian Urlacher Leaving the Chicago Bears!

If Mike Ditka were in his grave he would be rolling over in it after hearing the latest news about Chicago's star linebacker. Linebacker Brian Urlacher will not be playing for Da' Bears next season.

The team has announced that the two sides were not able to come to an agreement on a new contract so they decided that it was simply time to part ways.

Rumors are likely to start flowing pretty quick on what the future holds for the 34-year old Urlacher. Retirement will probably be discussed, but it sounds like he wants to play--just not for what the Bears were willing to pay him.

Now Urlacher has to know that he will not get what he wants out in the free agency market either. Teams are a bit reluctant to pay someone of his age a big salary, and the teams rumored to be interested in him--the Dallas Cowboys and Minnesota Vikings--do not have much to spend anyway.

At this point it will be a matter of who he thinks can take him to the Holy Grail of football--the Super Bowl. Dallas has been a team that has been thought to be on the verge of greatness for the last few seasons, but injuries among other issues have kept them closer to mediocrity than greatness.

In Minnesota he has a solid defense and an offense full of weapons like Adrian Peterson and the newly signed Greg Jennings, but the play of quarterback Christian Ponder has been up and down.

It's also the Vikings. Wil he really want to play for a team that has been his hated rival for the last 13 years?

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  1. Urlacher is an experienced player, has shown throughout his career performance.

    1. I'm a little surprised he hasn't been signed somewhere else yet.