Sunday, March 17, 2013

Crazy Colts Fan - Jim Irsay is a Fan's Kind of Owner; Follow Him on Twitter and You'll See

Jim Irsay is something else. Like Jerry Jones in Dallas I think he wants nothing more than to win. Unlike Jerry he seems to be okay with letting a football-minded person run the show while he swoops in and money-whips the poor rascals into submission.

His method may be a little mad, but it is far from crazy. The Peyton Manning Era is proof of that, but even better is the quick recovery to the end of the Peyton Manning Era.

The continued recovery is something that he apparently wanted to share with everyone this weekend. Apparently he was down in Arizona trying to wrap up one of the many quality free agent wide receivers that are without a home right now. An avid tweeter, he was kind enough too give us a play by play of the weekend.

Now before you read the tweets let me preface them with saying this--the man is pure entertainment on Twitter. Some have stated that he must be drunk in some of the later tweets. If that is the case then he must be drunk often when he tweets (he must have been drunk the entire season two years ago) because he often does sound cryptic (not to mention have trouble spelling).

[For the full post including all of his fabulously entertaining tweets from over the weekend click on the above link to go to CrazyColtsFan!]

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