Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dennis Rodman Has the Answer to World Peace (and its not Ron Artest)

When the news hit last week that Dennis Rodman was heading to North Korea as a basketball ambassador of sorts for a documentary that HBO was making pigs everywhere began to sprout wings.

When pictures of him and the dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, at a basketball game laughing it up and having a good ole time were published--well, everywhere--a place that is known for being rather hot being freeze over.

Dennis Rodman. The Worm. Representing the United States and the free world essentially hanging with the leader of communist North Korea--and they apparently talked politics.

Be afraid. Be very afraid (and look forward to the SNL spoof that most assuredly is soon to come).

Rodman has since stated that he and Kim Jong Un are officially friends. Word is that Kim got Rodman and the rest of the Americans drunk the night of the game last week. I can only imagine the hi-jinks that Rodman got into with him after a few drinks...

Anyway...Rodman appeared on the news program This Week and shared some insights with viewers.

So apparently the key to making the world a safer place for all mankind is basketball. Obama is a huge fans; Kim Jong Un is a huge fan. So does that mean we just need to get together for a friendly little game of one on one? Or maybe Obama's security detail against Kim Jong Un's?

I don't know, but to find out apparently all that needs to happen is for Obama to reach out and call Kim Jong Un. That's what he wanted Rodman to say.

So what do you say Obama? You going to call him? Maybe?

[someone with better computer skills than me needs to do a Obama/Kim Jong Un Call Me Maybe video. Not that I want that trend to come back...but it sure would be funny... ]

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