Saturday, March 16, 2013

Donte Stallworth Injured in Hot Air Balloon Ride

Romance is not dead with wide receiver Donte Stallworth, but it almost killed him. The man was trying to wax poetic with his girlfriend with a nice little hot air balloon ride when the balloon hit a power line.

The duo along with another passenger (so how romantic can it really be--unless they have one of those relationships...then I don't think I would call it romance...) all received injuries, but it is not known how bad the others were hurt. Stallworth is said to have received severe burns.

Stallworth has been the textbook journeyman player through his decade in the game playing for five teams so far.

He was an in-season acquisition for the New England Patriots last season when they had trouble keeping receivers healthy. After one play--a really good one at that (63-yard touchdown)--he was injured (ankle) and put on the IR. There is no telling yet if he will have a chance with the Patriots or anyone else this coming season.

[He made the most with what little playing time he had last season!]

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