Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dwight Howard Still Has Plenty of Growing Up To Do

Prior to Tuesday night's game between Dwight Howard's new team, the Los Angeles Lakers, and his old one, the Orlando Magic, the big man said a lot of the right things. He apologized for his recent bashing of the team and talked a lot about growing up.

Now call me crazy, but I took his comments to mean that he has done a lot of growing up; not that he needs to do a lot of it. After some of his actions during his first visit to his old stomping grounds he sure didn't appear to grown up.

There is a big difference between playing like a champion and acting like or being one. Responding to anything fans say is a sign of poor judgement, but when you resort to the lows that Howard did here it's just flat out immature and stupid.

That wasn't the only thing he did. There was also the little kiss he blew the crowd following a nice dunk:

I get it man. They were booing you like crazy man. That has to get annoying. It's a shame that some fans have to stoop to the level they do. Being a fan doesn't mean you should act like a jack*ss, but too many people do.

However, that does not mean you need to go down to that level, Dwight. You were already doing the best thing you could do--you were dominating the game.

This kind of behavior is beneath you (and anyone else older than five); time to start rising above man.

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