Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fan Steals Towel Right Off of Kobe Bryant's Back

Kobe Bryant was not having the kind of day that he wanted. He was hurting. He was probably tired (pretty safe assumption). He was a likely a little disappointed too after losing against the Oklahoma City Thunder and falling back below .500 rather than climb above it for the first time in months.

It has to be annoying that someone would bother to steal right off is back rather than just say 'good game.'

Chances are strong that he did notice, and since it was just a towel he probably didn't care. The only person that will know that the sweaty stench emanating from the towel belongs to Vino, the Black Mamba.

He probably didn't care. The Lakers can afford a few more towels.

It is still wrong. A line has been crossed there that should not have been crossed (security?). Today it was just a towel, but what's to say that tomorrow it isn't something more.

Fans already do all sorts of terrible things to each other at games (maybe more so at football games; I can't recall hearing about too many fights, shootings, stabbings, etc, at basketball games). What's to stop them from trying to take it a step further if it means getting their hands on a one of a kind memento?

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