Saturday, March 16, 2013

Heidi Watney Doesn't Know Who She is Talking to Following Puerto Rico/USA Game

This is a perfect example of why when networks hire people to be on-air personalities they need to be looking for actual journalists instead.

Friday night following Puerto Rico's upset of Team USA in the WBC, the lovely Heidi Watney from the MLB Network went to interview Anthony Gonzalez from Team Puerto Rico, but apparently thought she was talking to Nelson Figueroa instead.

Kudos to Gonzalez for not batting an eyelash when it was clear she had no idea who he was. You would think that someone who works for the MLB Network might be a little more up on who the players at least in the game she is watching are.

After her initial gaffe, someone must have clued her in since she began talking about something Gonzalez did instead of Figueroa. Nice seamless transition, but I think she could have done herself a favor by acknowledging the mistake and trying to laugh it off rather than see if anyone was paying attention.

MLB--and heck, ESPN is real bad about this too--I get the logic behind hiring a pretty face (or a former athlete because they are often guilty of these gaffes as well), but maybe you should think about bringing in a few folks that know the game (or will do their homework first).

Just a suggestion...

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