Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hope Solo's 911 Call Prior to Wedding

Nothing says love like a domestic violence incident prior to getting married right? Why this is being released now, I don't know, but the police have released a recording of the call made to 911 involving soccer star Hope Solo and former NFL player Jerramy Stevens.

Talk about an absolute mess! Apparently when police arrived on the scene her brother Marcus was hurt as was Hope and another woman. Stevans was upstairs and appeared to be hiding. He claimed he was sleeping (while everyone else in the house got their *sses kicked).

Hmmm...I wonder what happened...

The sad thing is that since it is one of those incidents where unless the victim speaks up nothing can happen--nothing happened. Hope married Stevans the next day as planned.

Talk about a solid foundation from which a loving home can be built and a family can grow.

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