Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Houston Texans Draft Needs Will Become Clear Over Next Few Days

Houston Texans Draft Needs Will Become Clear Over Next Few Days: Free agency was not too brutal to the Texans on Day One, but time will tell whether that remains the case.

Success has been a long time coming for the Houston Texans, and now that it appears to have arrived, the real hard work beings—doing it again. Free agency makes it possible for players to get what they think is fair market value for their services, but it also makes it hard for coaches to keep a winning team together.

Could he be coming back? Hopefully...

The free agency period began on Tuesday at 4 PM ET, and like many teams the Texans have to be concerned with whom they are going to lose and who will be coming back.

So far the team has lost two role players, wide receiver Kevin Walter (released) and fullback/ tight end James Casey (signed with Philadelphia).

Walter has been a solid but unremarkable player since joining the Texans back in 2006. Since the team has become more run oriented his stats have gone down, and not necessarily worth the $2.5 million salary he was due...(for full post follow the above link to!)

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