Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kickalicious Coming to an NFL Stadium Near You

Remember Havard Rugland? The kicker from Norway made this video of him making all sort of crazy kicks in hopes that an NFL team or two would catch wind of it, and maybe bring him in for a tryout.

Crazy thing is it worked.

The man that the Detroit Lions staff affectionately called 'Kickalicious' since the had such a hard time pronouncing his name.Sign him to a contract and I bet he'd be wiling to let them call hiim whatever they want!

Word is that the Lions liked what they saw especially the strength in his leg (in spite of a slight tweak in his hamstring).

The Lions were actually the second team to check him out; the New York Jets were first. Next up is the  Michael Husted's pro kicking camp where he hopes to get exposure to even more teams.

As strong as this guy's leg appears if the NFL doesn't work out he could always star in a remake of the Disney classic Gus. He could play the donkey's handler and the put on a costume and make the kicks too.

Might be safer...

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