Saturday, March 30, 2013

Los Angeles Lakers' Bentley Totaled in DUI Accident

For fans of the Los Angeles Lakers news about a car crash is not something they want to hear. The team is hanging on by a thread as it is. Tack on a serious injury to one of the players and a drunk driving scandal to go with it and the resulting media firestorm could de-rail the team's post season drive.

So when hit that Jordan Hill's Bentley crashed into a condo complex late around 2 AM Saturday morning there was understandable concern for the Lakers forward. As luck would have it, Hill was not in the car at the time of the accident.

Luck for Lakers fans (and Hill's family), but not for Hill--his Bentley got destroyed!

The driver was a severely intoxicated friend of Hill's named Michael Lacy. According to available reports he was not injured in the crash. There was supposedly a passenger with him, but it is not known who or whether he/she was injured.

What is ironic here is that Lacy works as a grad assistant for the Idaho State basketball team where he played--as the academic adviser.

Yeah, I want to take academic advise from a guy smart enough to steal a Bentley while drunk and crash it.

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