Saturday, March 30, 2013

March Madness Update: That Trey Burke Kid Has Game

In case you didn't know--Michigan's Trey Burke has got game.

That doesn't do the man justice--Trey Burke has got some crazy, whack, mad serious game (that sounded cooler in my head, but you get the idea, right? The man is something else!).

He has proved it all season long playing well enough for many to call him the front runner for player of the year in Division I, but he proved it yet again with this clutch three to send the Michigan/Kansas game into overtime.

Which it won-- 87-85

It wasn't exactly the prettiest game for Burke and the Wolverines. Kansas couldn't miss a shot early on hitting 11 of 15 to start and get out to an early lead, 22-14.

With just under four minutes to go and down by 11, 70-59, the game should have been won. When there was roughly two and a half minutes left an the lead was at 10 the fat lady was starting to warm up for Michigan.

Trey Burke and the rest of the Wolverines were not playing though. Between some poor play on the part of Kansas and some smooth play by Michigan, the Wolverines were able to tie the game up at 76-76 at the end of regulation when Burke hit a monster three.
"We never had the mindset that we were going to lose the game," Burke said. "When we were down 14, we knew anything could still happen. It's March, anything can happen."
Next up will be No. 3 seed Florida who halted the shocking run of Florida Gulf Coast Friday night, 62-50.

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