Thursday, March 14, 2013

Matt Cassel Released By Kansas City Chiefs

In the realm of not-so-breaking news the Kansas City Chiefs have released quarterback Matt Cassel.

The acquisition of Alex Smith from the San Francisco 49ers had already made Cassel's departure a foregone conclusion. It was just a matter of when. The answer appears to now be the day after the team introduced Smith to the KC media.

There were high hopes for Cassel once the Chiefs acquired him from New England following his lone year as the starter there (when Tom Brady lost a season to injury). Pretty much from Day One he failed to live up to the expectations that wee set when he threw

His lack of production, recent injury issues, and salary (he had $17 million left over the next two years of his deal) would have made him a candidate to be cut. I haven't heard if they tried to get him to take a salary cut and remain as the back-up, but even that became a moot point when the Chiefs stole Drew Bres's back-up, Chase Daniels, from the Saints (three-years, $6.85 million).

It would be surprising if Cassel is not somewhere competing for a job once camp starts. Hi time in New England proved he can play. His one good season in KC (2010-11) proved that it wasn't just the talent around him in New England, but that he had something to do with it.

At 30-years old he is on the outside looking in, but I could see either Jacksonville, Arizona, or the Jets bringing him in for a shot.

[Proof that the fans in KC are not going to miss Cassel at all.]

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