Friday, March 8, 2013

Miami Heat Wins 17th in a Row; First to Clinch Playoff Berth

In a shocking turn of events the unthinkable happened--the Miami Heat clinched a return trip to the playoffs after beating the Philadelphia 76ers 102-93 Friday night.

If I could lay the sarcasm on thicker I would. The Heat are playing lights out basketball lately and look like a team that can't be beat. That could be because they have not been beat in 17 tries...

As good as they have been playing there is a team that is arguably playing better--the San Antonio Spurs. Prior to Friday night's blow out loss to the Portland Trail Blazers the Spurs had the better record according to win percentage (both teams had 14 losses going into the night).

The two teams will meet at the end of the month in San Antonio for what could be a NBA Finals preview. Least of all, even with Tony Parker on the mend, it should be a heck of a game. Both teams are among the highest scoring in the league averaging more than 100 a game, and just over a point difference between them (104.7 for San Antonio; 103.5 for Miami).

On the defensive end the difference is even closer; Miami gives up an average of 96.3 per game while San Antonio gives up 95.5.

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