Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Raiders Tackle Jared Veldheer is Freaking Huge!

Coaches always tell players to get in the weight room and eat before in order to get stronger for the next season. Oakland Raiders offensive tackle Jared Veldheer appears to have heard this message loud and clear and has done just that--gotten stronger.

Just calling his progress "getting stronger" is a bit of understatement though. This guy has gotten freaking huge!

Color the man green and you have the new Incredible Hulk! his work ethic is admirable, but I have to wonder if his new found bulk is going to make it a little harder to move.

Offensive tackles need to be able to do more than just shove people around. They have to be pretty light on their feet in order to adequately protect the quarterback and other ball carriers.

He credits his size to Nutralite packs that insure he gets all his vitamins, minerals, and oils. I believe the man, but I have to say that he still reminds me of this guy:

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