Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Texans Making All the Right Moves in Free Agency So Far

Free agency has been blamed with ruining the game, but in reality all it has done is make it nearly impossible to establish a true dynasty. Gone are the days like the 1970s where the Pittsburgh Steelers reigned or the 80’s and early 90’s where the San Francisco 49ers lived at the top. There is simply too much turnover for any one team to establish such a presence.

That also means that teams can pick up important pieces to their championship puzzle from a pool of available players every off-season. Even though they have only picked up two players so far it appears that the Houston Texans have done just that.

Recently the Texans have made two key veteran acquisitions, safety Ed Reed and punter Shane Lechler.

In Reed the team gets one of the best defensive players in the modern era of the game. The nine-time Pro Bowler puts the “hawk” in “ball hawk,” and gives the Texans a player on the defense that knows a thing or two about winning in the post season....

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  1. Until they sign a veteran receiver to help Andre Johnson they cannot make the Superbowl

    1. Can't argue with you there. The offense has gotten pretty one-dimensional since Arian Foster emerged. When they do pass it is pretty clear where they are going. Luckily AJ is one of the best so they still do pretty good, but you are right--to make the Super Bowl they need another good WR.

  2. Replies
    1. I'm not a big Matt Schaub fan either; dude is good, but man those interceptions are killer! I have to wonder how much of the problem is him or the scheme. If a throwing QB does not throw a lot then he's going to have trouble finding his zone, right? That being said I am real eager to see what Case Keenum can do this preseason. That kid could be the future; not T.J. Yates.