Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tiger Woods Encourages Rory McIlroy To Take Back the No. 1 Spot

Regaining the No. 1 spot in the world is something that has been a long time coming for Tiger Woods.At times it appeared as if it was never going to happen again, but after falling down pretty fart professionally and personally it now appears that ole Eldrick might have it back together again.

And he's okay with losing it too (the No. 1 ranking that is).

Tiger's win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational pushed him past Rory McIlroy for the No. 1 spot, but it helped a little bit that Rory had opted to take the weekend off instead of play.

Now the table has turned. McIlroy is playing at the Shell Houston Open this week and Tiger is taking a break. Should Rory win he can retake the spot he held for the last 30+ weeks and knock Tiger back down a peg.

On one hand, it would be understandable if Tiger was not cool with the notion, and was doing his best to send bad vibes Rory's way. The two are friends though. Instead, Tiger is encouraging him to win in a way rather straight forward all be it crude fashion:

Well, I'd say the message is pretty clear there. Either than or Tiger knows way too much about Rory and Caroline's private life...

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