Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tim Tebow May Have Given NFL Teams the Perfect Excuse

New York Jets back-up quarterback Tim Tebow spoke at Liberty University in Virginia on Friday, and in the process may have given the NFL teams the perfect excuse not to give him a chance (not that they were necessarily beating down his door...)

During the speech he gave to a closed audience at the school Tebow is said to have made the following statement several times:
"In the end, football is just a silly game. Greatness comes from serving," 
Call me cynical, but I think that there will be many in the NFL that will use that statement as further proof that he does not belong in the NFL.

The problem he will have now will be similar to the one Rhodes Scholar Myron Rolle had back when he entered the draft in 2010. Many thought that since he was willing to give up a season in college to go study abroad that he must not be that serious about the game.

Those teams were completely overlooking the fact that he had the chance to take part in one of the most prestigious academic programs in the world.

Now that Tebow has called the game 'silly' there will be some that will use the same logic.

As much as it pains me to say it Tebow is right. I, like many of you (and Tebow as well), love this game, but the key word to remember is 'game.' Football is something that the men in the NFL happen to be very good, but it is something that millions of people of all shapes and sizes play all over the world.

Why? Because it is a game and it's fun.

In the NFL it is a little different. The game at that level is a business; a multi-billion dollar one so it needs players that are going to take it seriously. So while some will take his remark as him not taking the game seriously, they will miss out on the real message.

The game doesn't define him--just like it shouldn't define anyone.

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  1. So let me get this straight. As long as you can go to bars and dives get drunk beat up and shoot people. Smoke pot, sniff cocaine and do other drugs and let's not forget all of the steroids. don't lie about that as I went to Gold's gym in Veince for over 15 years and watch the big boys shoot up. That is what make a person the right example for our kids and makes the game of football professional.. What a joke.

    1. Sad thing is man that in this day and age the NFL beds over backwards to get former convicts back in the league and keep them there even when they suck. There are so few players of Tebow's character that they find it easier just to tear him down.

      I'm still holding out hope that he will get his chance to shine, but with the way Tebow has been/is treated I could see some coaches, players, GMs, and especially idiot analysts on ESPN using that simple statement against him.

  2. If anyone can say Tebow doesnt take the game serious they are idiots. He trains just as hard as anyone giving he is just as strong as the linemen and plays just as hard if not harder, has everyone forgot what he did in Denver?????? He took an 0-4 team to the 2nd round of the playoffs beating the #1 defense in the league(steelers)at that time. so coaches how about look at what he has done on the field in clutch situations instead of what his religious belief is and how religious he is, There is no doubt he is one of the hardest training players in the league.

    1. I think you are 100 percent correct. Personally I'm a big fan of Tebow; I think he just needs the right chance to succeed in the NFL. Sadly, I'm not a GM or HC and too many of them appear to think differently.