Monday, March 18, 2013

Tim Tebow to the Arena League?

If Dennis Rodman can hang out with Kim Jong Un in North Korea while watching a basketball game then Tim Tebow can play in the Arena League. Come on! Crazier things have happened, right?


Apparently the Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League have offered the beleaguered quarterback a job should he become available and can't find any suitors in the NFL.

The move would actually be a pretty good one for Tebow should the NFL turn him down. Playing the Arena game wold force Tebow to work on the things that he needs the most, his release and decision making. The AFL style of play is all about passing, and with the smaller field he will have no choice but to make better, quicker decisions and get rid of the ball.

Or fail.

The obvious example that everyone is going to point to is Kurt Warner. After spending sometime in the AFL with Iowa Barnstormers he said the NFL game appeared to be slower.

Of course the gesture means nothing while he is still a part of the Jets. So far the Jets have led the world to believe that they plan on allowing him to compete for the starter's job this coming season. After saying similar things last season when they acquired him--along with talk of the Wildcat package and other things--they barely used him.

So far the Jets appear to be set at quarterback going into camp which is a little surprising. Mark Sanchez has been a flop. They are reluctant to use Tim Tebow. Greg McElroy is the best chance they have, but he is unproven as well. David Garrard has been acquired, but he is certainly not an upgrade over Sanchez or anyone else on the roster.

There are rumors that the team is looking to acquire recently released Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb. Should that happen it would be a shock to see Tebow not be cut in order to make space for him.

So there is a possibility that he could be free Orlando, but for now you'll have to wait and see.

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