Friday, March 8, 2013

Tim Tebow to Speak at Controversial College Friday

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow made waves recently when he cancelled a scheduled appearance at a church in the Dallas area that was a bit controversial. With its views on homosexuality among other things it was clearly not the place for Tebow.

Religion aside, it would have polarized people even more when it came to their thoughts/views on him. From a business point of view that would have been disastrous.

After the close call you would think that he would have learned his lesson, right? Wrong. Barring any weather issues, Tebow is sceduled to speak at another controversial venue, Liberty University in Virginia.

The school was founded by former televangelist Jerry Falwell. He and the University have spoke out against homosexuality going as far as to support making it criminal in the country of Malawi (an issue that came up when Obama withheld aid from the country).

Mathew Staver, the school's vice president, has called homosexuality the "gravest threat to our freedom..."

After 9/11 Falwell and another televangelist, Pat Robertson claimed that gay people were partially to blame for the tragedy; that they helped it happen.

I have to wonder a little--what is the difference here compared to the Dallas church? That church had a pretty controversial opinion on homosexuality and even accused Islam of encouraging pedophiles.

Hmm...seems to me like Tebow traded one controversial church for another. So why isn't he cancelling this one?

Because he is his own person with his own beliefs and own spirituality. Even if this school has certain beliefs he can have contradictory ones. His attendance in no one should be taken as support for the school's beliefs. 

It is a venue for him to speak in; that is it. Tebow is all about spreading his message so I don't think he will care too much about some past comments or beliefs different from his as long as they don't try to put words in his mouth 

Now this theory could be proven wrong after he talks, but we may have a hard time finding out what he says. The event is closed to the public. In this day and age I would find it shocking if some enterprising young  individual doesn't sneak a camera or recorder in...



  1. Freedom of speech. Freedom of beliefs. People can choose to believe what they want, and though you do not like it, they, and you, are entitled to opinions.

    However, your statements and "quotes" to use the term loosely, were taken wildly out of context.

    1. I appreciate your comments, but in reference to being wildly out of context I went with the information as I found it. However, I can see where you are coming from which is why I included links in the body of the post back to my references. If you have better references I would love to see them and do an update.