Sunday, March 24, 2013

Victor Cruz Finally Gets Offer From New York Giants

Victor Cruz is one of the hottest young wide receivers in the NFL; definitely worth much more than the $2.89 million tender that the Giants have on him. The question has been whether the Giants are going to be willing to pay him appropriately or not.

If you can believe what you hear on the World Wide Web about a football team from New York it appears that they are actually going to try.

The exact numbers are not known at the time this post was written, but rumor has it that the offer is much better than the $6 million/year that Wes Welker was offered in Denver; somewhere in the realm of $7 million+ a year for a long term contract with a significant amount guaranteed.

Now it comes down to whether the 26-year old Cruz thinks he is worth more than that, and should play out the next year and become an unrestricted free agent in '14. The problem then will be making it threw the '13 season healthy, but if it could mean more money and a longer term deal possibly with a better contender...

Not everyone is willing to take a chance like Rod Tidwell though. There are already some that question whether Cruz is willing to go across the middle after he got walloped by Steelers defensive back Ryan Clark.

Then again, it did work out pretty well for Tidwell, but he had Jerry Maguire for an agent...a true Ambassador of Quan...

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