Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Great Reason to Watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers Next Season #TeamJackHoffman

Personally I think that Taylor Martinez is one of the quarterbacks to watch in college football, but that is not the reason to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers that I'm referring to.

Like most teams, the Cornhuskers have been involved in spring practices lately. Recently they had their spring game, and during it they had a very special running back--a pediatric cancer patient named Jack Hoffman.

If you haven't hit play yet, Martinez hands the ball off to young Jack in this play and then helps guide him into the end zone. After he scores he gets lifted up and then both the offense and defense surround him to celebrate his run.

This kind of stuff just melts my heart. I love that the team not only took the time out to do it, but the way they all really sold it--guiding Jack along, 'acting' as if they were staying on blocks, and then the way everyone celebrated, etc.

I can only imagine how big the smile on young Jack's face was.

I like to watch good teams (which they are), but I like to watch good teams that consist of good people even more.

Well, done Cornhuskers. Well done.

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