Thursday, April 25, 2013

And With the No. 18 in the NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys Take…

Starting Thursday night at 8 PM ET the fate of NFL teams all over the league is going to change—if they can pick the right player. Plenty of first round picks have crashed and burned often taking with them the hopes of the franchise for a year or two.

Mom and Dad must be so proud.

The Dallas Cowboys have had pretty good luck in recent years with their first pick. Dez Bryant (2010) is well on his way to becoming an elite wide receiver. Tyron Smith (2011) is a rock that Tony Romo can count on. Morris Claiborne (2012) has made offenses think twice before passing the ball his way.

Yet the team can still do no better than 8-8 the last two seasons.

Without those three the team’s fortune would not have been as good, but for the Cowboys to beat the closing window, that Jerry Jones insists does not exist, they and the rest of the team need help.

The question is who to take. Who can step in as a starter on Day One and make an impact?

The problem that Dallas (and every other team is having this draft) is that there is a perceived lack of top-flight talent in the impact positions like quarterback, running back, wide receiver, defensive back, and pass rusher.

There are a few players at each position, but not many, making it impossible for a team to target any one position. They have to be ready for the best player available and hope that he fits a need....

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