Monday, April 15, 2013

Chicago White Sox Pitcher Jose Quintana Should Steal Inigo Montoya's Line

Is it just me or can anyone else see Chicago White Sox starting pitcher Jose Quintana doing a parody of the Princess Bride?

"My name is Jose Quintana. You hit my ball. Prepare to die.

Last season White Sox starting pitcher Jose Quintana was good (but not great). His 3.76 ERA was respectable in 22 starts and 136+ innings of work, but he only struck out 81. It's not a crappy number of K's, but it isn't anything impressive either.

Then comes this season. Yeah, his first game is none to impressive, but then he throws a gem against Seattle last Friday with a one-hitter and seven Ks in seven innings of work (sadly, he still lost the game 1-0).

He isn't quite ready to be a star just yet, but he is a guy that fantasy owners might want to pick up and stash if they have room on their rosters.

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  1. He lost 1-0 to Cleveland ...GUY! see you don't know BALL! donWsox

    1. You apparently don't know 'ball.' One hit ball over seven innings is what they call a quality start. It's not his fault that he got no run support. Inconceivable!