Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Colt McCoy Will Benefit From Being in San Francisco

Texas Longhorns fans got something to cheer about on Monday when the news broke that one of their favorite sons, Colt McCoy, was released from purgatory (aka the Cleveland Browns) and sent to a quality team--the San Francsico 49ers.

What? He's still just a back up! And now he's behind one of the NFL's rising stars, Colin Kaeprnick! How on Earth could that be good?

Well, for one--he's out of Cleveland. No offense Browns, but you guys are going nowhere fast. No matter who you put back at quarterback, Jason Campbell, Brandon Weeden, Thadeus Lewis, or a young Joe Montana, until many other deficiencies are fixed you guys are screwed.

Colt would rather be starting, but if you are going to be a back-up there are plenty places that would be a lot worse than San Francisco.

As long as he is on the team he is going to be able to work with one of the better offensive minds in football today in Jim Harbaugh. The former Stanford coach has worked with some top notch QBs in the past in Andrew Luck and in his current starter, Kaepernick. Heck, he made Alex Smith look pretty good too.

One of the problems he had in Cleveland was his supporting cast. That will not be an issue with the 49ers. The offensive line is one of the better in the league, the running game is solid, and the wide receivers and tight ends are among the NFL's best.

If his talent does not shine with this group than it never will.

Of course the problem will be actually playing. Kaepernick is easily the man in San Francisco. It will take an Act of God for him to be taken out of the game. Either that or a devastating hit from one of the many defenders that will be gunning for the QB every time he takes off to run.

Therein will be Colt's chance. Kaepernick is a runner, and his style of play does come with a higher risk for injury than a pocket passing quarterback. It would not be surprising to see him get banged up next season and need a game or two off to recover (before something serious happens, right RG3?)

Barring injury the preseason will be pretty big for McCoy. He likely get the bulk of the reps in an effort to get him up to speed with the offense and keep Kaepernick healthy. Should he shine in that time--even though it is only preseason--when his rookie contract expires after next season he could become a hot commodity.

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